Libyan War


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Libya Lauren Dernbach

Who’s in Charge?:

Who’s in Charge? Colonel Qaddafi September 1969 Seeking to gain influence over Africa

What happened?:

What happened? Past drama February 2011 – Protests “Day of Rage” to challenge Qaddafi

February 22nd:

February 22nd Qaddafi was on TV Blamed the crisis on “foreign hands”

February 25th:

February 25th Gunfire was used to rid of protesters.

March 2nd:

March 2nd Attacked strategic oil cities. Rise in oil prices. Lead to our raised gas prices.

March 4th:

March 4th More gunfire on protesters 35 dead 100 wounded 65 missing

March 5th:

March 5th More gunfire to protesters 35 dead

March 7th:

March 7th Government began a new attack on rebels. Tanks, Helicopters, and Fighter Planes

March 8th:

March 8th Flyovers and bombs near oil refinery in a nearby coastal city. Possible peace offer from Qaddafi Debate about no-flight zone over Libya

March 11th:

March 11th White House announced a plan Isolate Qaddafi & Drive him out of power.

March 16th:

March 16th Qaddafi bombarded the city of Misurata Several hundred thousand tanks.

March 17th:

March 17th Security Council authorized all member nations to take all necessary measures to protect civilians.

March 18th:

March 18th No-flight zone was established Obama ordered Qaddafi to stop all attacks on Libyan civilians or face the US Military.

The Bottom Line?:

The Bottom Line? Can’t we all just get along?