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5 things I love about studying in Canada Have been thinking about studying abroad Have you wondered what it would be like to study in Canada in Top Universities. Well I have the answer to your question. Here are five things I love about going to study in Canada and soon you will too 1. Diversity among students Students who go to study overseas normally expect some amount of diversity among their fellow students. But nothing can prepare you for the diversity that you will experience in Canada. When compared to countries like USA and UK Canada is way ahead with more than one fifth of its population being non native. Moreover with two official languages and hundreds of languages spoken amongst its immigrant community you are sure to make some interesting friends and learn about new cultures while you are there.

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2. Food and more food With the diversity we have spoken of above is it any wonder that the food scene here is great. It’s one of the best countries to get any kind of cuisine to satiate your taste buds whether you prefer a healthy whole grain paleo diet or greasy French fries with mayo you are sure to find it here. And talking about food you should definitely not miss the two national favorites – poutine - a snack sold on the streets and maple syrup – sweet syrup that is poured on pancakes and waffles. 3. Natural landscapes and scenic vistas Canada is home to 300000 sq km of conserved natural land. The Canadian government has ensured that this land which comprises of scenic lakes beautiful rivers majestic mountains and glaciers remains in its pristine condition forever. As a student pursuing education in Canada you can take advantage of all this natural beauty. 4. Outdoor sports are the norm here. Canadians love being outdoors and who wouldn’t seeing the scenic surroundings that you encounter Outdoor sports such as biking trekking and skiing are favourite activities and as a student who goes to study in Canada you will find ample opportunities to challenge your adventurous side. 5. Making friends is effortless One of the first things you will notice when you pursue your education in Canada is the helpful nature and friendliness of the people. No matter what you are looking for or trying to do you are sure to find a Canadian who is ready to help you out.

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Moreover though speaking the same English language as the Americans and the Australians the Canadians use a vocabulary of far more inclusive and polite words that are guaranteed to make any stranger feel welcome and comfortable in their presence. We hope we have motivated you to study in Canada. To know how you can apply get in touch with our dedicated Canada education consultants now