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IoT – A Rewarding Career!:

IoT – A Rewarding Career! Let’s Get Started!


TOPICS 1. Introduction to IoT 2. IoT Benefits for Business 3. IoT Online Training Overview 4. Career Opportunities in IoT Field 5. About Multisoft Virtual Academy 6 . Our Partners 7 . Contact Us


The Internet of Things, generally called IoT , is one of the most advanced and prevalent technologies that turns the everyday normal devices, gadgets, appliances, vehicles, etc., into intelligent machines that have the quality to interact with other IoT enabled machines and systems. IoT can be referred as an ecosystem of connected physical devices or gadgets embedded with electronics that possess the capacity of receiving, collecting, and transferring data over a network without the need for any external command or input. The IoT technology converts the regular devices into intelligent devices by imparting them the ability to communicate with each other, and also providing them with the ability to monitor their own performance. Today, IoT is a swiftly developing technology. It is still in its preliminary stage of development; thus, it carries great scope for further Research & Development. http:// Introduction to IoT


Following are some important benefits of the IoT Technology for Business: The IoT enabled devices offer a high level of safety, along with a high level of accessibility and improved efficiency. This can be comprehended easily with the help of an example - by the use of the IoT Technology, very hazardous environments can be managed without any threat. The dull and repetitive tasks can be automated, and any possible errors can be reported in real time. IoT exploits the device generated data to assist businesses in framing future plans and policies for offering the best products and services to the customers. Inventory management can be done with ease and effectiveness with the help of IoT technology; thus, you can deploy your human workforce at more strategic tasks. IoT Benefits for Business


IoT Online Training & Certification Courses are designed in accordance with the industry requirements. These courses deal at length with the fundamentals of IoT and its practical implementations. They impart the best domain knowledge to the learners in relatively less time, by the virtue of advanced training methodologies and tools. The IoT Fundamentals with Raspberry Pi3 is the most demanded professional IoT c ourse today. It deals with all the IoT fundamentals. The primary characteristics of IoT online training includes unmatched flexibility, 24/7 e-learning content access , webinars, live chat support, on-demand mock-tests, instant performance analysis, and much more. IoT Online Training Overview

Career Opportunities in IoT Field:

IoT is a rewarding career field that offers many exciting and lucrative job opportunities to the aspiring minds. Some exciting jobs in the IoT domain are: Software Engineer – IoT ; Web Development Engineer – AWS IoT ; Technical Lead ( IoT ); Solutions Architect – IoT ; Embedded Firmware Developer – IoT ; and more… Obviously, the choice of a particular job role in the IoT field significantly depend upon the candidate’s educational background, interest area, and career priorities. Career Opportunities in IoT Field


Multisoft Virtual Academy is an established online training and certification organization that delivers core industry knowledge through its comprehensive training programs, globally. Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online subsidiary of Multisoft Systems, which deals in a broad spectrum of learning solutions including Classroom Training , Corporate Training, and E-learning Solutions. With an inception as a humble online training institution driven by a group of IT and Management professionals, Multisoft has today become a globally acclaimed e-learning platform, imparting 450+ courses. New and latest courses are added periodically to this ever-growing list. About Multisoft Virtual Academy

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