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INTRODUCTION Jharkhand is the land of forests and hills where variety of plants are found which are used by the indigenous peoples and others in the treatment of various diseases and ailments. Now a days peoples are attracted towards the nature and natural medicines due to their less side effects & low cost. Some of the common medicinal plants of Jharkhand which are frequently used by the peoples are mentioned below -

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Botanical name - Andrographis paniulata Family - Acanthaceae Biological source - whole plant of Andrographis paniculata Medicinal uses - 1. Kalmegh is useful in debility, cholera, diabetes, swelling, itches, consumption, influenza, piles, gonorrhea, bronchitis, dysentery, fever and in weakness. 2. A decoction of the plant is blood purifier. 3. It is used to cure torpid and jaundice. 1. KALMEGH

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II. SATAVAR Botanical name - Asparagus racemosus Family - Liliaceae Biological source - Dried tuberous roots of Asparagus racemasus Medicinal uses : i. Roots are refrigerant, antiseptic, alternative, antidysentric and galactagogue. ii. In Ayurveda satavar is used to cure threatened abortion and safe delivery. iii. It is used to increase the resistance power of the body & also helpful for feeding mothers.

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Botanical name - Adhatoda vasica Family - Acanthaceae Biological source - Fresh & dried leaves of Adhatoda vasica Medicinal uses : i. Basak is used to treat cold, cough, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma as sedative, expectorant, antispasmodic and anthelmintic. ii. The drug is employed in different forms, such as fresh juice, decoction, infusion and powder. The leaf is smoked as a cigarette. iii. The leaf juice cures diarrhoea dysentry and glandular tumor. III. BASAK

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IV. SARPGANDHA Botanical name - Rauwolfia serpentina Family - Apocynaceae Biological sources - Dried root of Rauwolfia serpentina Medicinal Uses : i. Sarpgandha is used in hypertension and neuropsychiatric disorder. ii. mainly it is used for lowering the blood pressure. iii. It is also helpful in certain gynaecological conditions.

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V. BAEL Botanical name - Aegle marmelos Family - Rutaceae Biological source - Entire unique and ripe fruits of Aegle marmelos Medicinal Uses : i. Unripe fruit of Bael is astringent, digestive, demulcent, stomachic and used in diarrhoea and dysentery. ii. Ripe fruit is sweet aromatic, cooling alternative and nutritive. iii. It is useful in habitual constipation, chronic dysentery and dyspepsia.

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VI. BRAHMI Botanical Name - Centella asiatica Family - Apiaceae Medicinal Uses : i. Brahmi leaves are taken as tonic and for improving memory and useful in syphilitic skin diseases. ii. It is also used in the disease of nerves and bloods. iii. It is used to cure diarrhea, dysentery, gastric amoebiosis.

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Botanical name : Achyranthes aspera Family : Amaranthaceae Biological sources : Whole plant of Achyranthes aspera Medicinal Uses : i. The plants are used medicinally for several diseases such as piles, colic, boils etc. ii. It is pungent, purgative, diuretic and astringent. Roots are used for pyrrhoea. Also used in cough and fevers. VII. CHIRCHITI/LATZIRA

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B.N. – Withania somnifera. Fm- Solanaceae MEDICINAL USED: Root is used in spermatorrhoea, leucorrhoea and menstrual problems. Root powder is taken with cow milk to remove infertility VIII. Ashwagandha

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ix- Anar, Dalim B.N. - Punica granatum .Fm- Punicaceae .MEDICINAL USED Leaf juice of Anar is taken 2 spoon full twice daily in empty stomach for a month for curing epilepsy. Stem bark of Anar is mixed with the cotyledon of mango, jamun and elaichi and make its goli. This goli is used with honey to cure female diseases.

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