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Employee Tracking App Overview Employee Monitoring Software with KM Run and Time Tracking +91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023

Employee Tracking Application:

Employee Tracking Application Our Employee tracking app allows you to manage your business resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve your sales / services and reduces cost. +91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023

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+91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 GPS & Field Employee Tracking App Development GPS location tracking Real-time coordination Employee-trusted tech Work Assign Attendance Tracking Cloud based

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+91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 Employee Location Tracking Get the app Install the app, fill the details, maintain employee's details, Employee's status You can track employee employee at real time. Assignment Assign the task on the go. KM run See each employee km online +91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023

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+91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 Empower your workforce with employee tracking Live tracking Track employee online 100 % assurance Get the best result of the employee location. History Get all the KM history of the employee. Communication This is the key to get success, All communicate with each other.

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+91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 Real-time Employee Location Tracking App Track and manage employees out in the field.

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+91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 GPS Tracking App supports Android and iOS Devices GPS location, time and attendance app for any smartphone. Provides high accuracy GPS tracking mobile phones. can collect any data, share location and communicate with the team members.

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Scope We look for the opportunity, goals or possibility to do specific task or to be performed Develop Covering a range of activities extending project need to a finished set of contract plans. Delivery Delivery of build is done according to the project plan and is mostly on time. Support Once the build is delivered technical team provides you full support on your queries. Promote Finally comes the promotion. Once you get satisfied the product get live & are ready to use. 8 +91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 Mobile App Development Process

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+91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023 Employee Tracking Application GPS features The best thing you need to give attention about it is that you don't have to have a geek speak gradation in order to make that magical GPS work for you. They are just simple & easily track status on route operating on a real time basis.

Employee Tracking Application Digital process :

Employee Tracking Application Digital process It's good to go with the generation & work digitally. The app features allows you to perform the entire task without any usage of paper so it's a paperless work thus saving time, processing digitally & making you smart in terms of work done. +91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023


Mr. Yogesh Pant (CEO) [email protected] +91-141-404-7957 THANK YOU! +91-141-404-7957 +1-604-600-7497 +44-7432-282306 +1-917-257-5023

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