Instructions to E-learning

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Instructions to E-learning : 

Instructions to E-learning

Overview : 

For this e-learning week, you are required to explore the chapter on Periodic Table through the articles and pictures provided with the aim of creating a presentation to be uploaded onto authorSTREAM. This is a group assignment (5 members in a group). Overview

Presentation Requirements : 

Your group will use authorSTREAM’s PresentLive function to do an online presentation. As such, you are expected to provide a time and date for your presentation before the end of the e-learning week (i.e. before Sunday 12pm) and invite all your classmates and your teacher to view your presentation. You are to use the articles and pictures provided as merely a spearhead to investigating the relationships of the particular element(s) to the group(s) in the Periodic table (for example, the properties etc.) Presentation Requirements

Presentation Requirements : 

You should also provide an alternative real-life application for the element(s) identified.   You are to identify an authorSTREAM presentation on another element from the same group (Group I, VII or 0) and comment on the presentation content. Presentation Requirements

Presentation Requirements : 

Some questions to guide your comments: What are the similarities and differences in their usage with the element you have researched upon? Why? Is it unique in its properties? What relation does this have with other elements? Why?   You are advised to be creative and explore authorSTREAM’s applications which can be included in your online presentation. Presentation Requirements

Deliverables : 

Below are the lists of documents required for submission: Before the presentation: The url for the presentation slides and e-portfolio. The template for the e-portfolio can be accessed via the teachers’ authorSTREAM. Please include the following in your e-portfolio: Your group’s learning goals/aims, evaluation, analysis, discovery and reporting. Reflection on the new knowledge acquired (i.e. what you have learnt.) as a result of the situation presented. Evaluate your performance as a group member and what you provided for the group. Evaluate your group mates’ performance in what they acquired for the group. Conclusion on whether goals/aims met out was achieved. Deliverables

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