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E-Portfolio : 

E-Portfolio This template helps you document the different stages of your PBL learning journey. Use the instructions at each stage as a guide to the deliverables. You may include additional slides to document your learning. Do make changes to the overall look of the template.

Group Name : 

Group Name Group Members: Include the names of your team members

First Encounter : 

First Encounter Scenario Notes of discussion (this can be presented in any format, for example mindmaps) Some questions that you could pose: What do we know? How do we know this?

Analysis : 

Analysis You are to brainstorm and analyse the situation presented individually and as a group.

Discovery : 

Discovery You are to generate possible explanations or hypotheses about the problem individually and collectively. Individual: Generate possible explanations and/or hypotheses to the problems posed by the scenario. Group: Compile a list of possible explanations and/or hypotheses from team members. Questions that can help you generate ideas are: - What additional information might we need? - What do we need to know? - Could you think of anything else? - What does that link you to? - Have you consider all the possibilities?

KND Chartuse this to aid in presentation of ideas : 

KND Chartuse this to aid in presentation of ideas

Report : 

Report You are to integrate your information and decide on your what you would include in your presentation / your presentation style. Ensure the accuracy, reliability and validity of the information obtained. Questions that can guide your presentation: Explain what you understand by... How do you know? Could you elaborate on...? How would you connect what you learnt to periodic table? How would you connect what you learnt to real-life?

Presentation : 

Presentation Include your presentation url here Provide a list of materials used Provide references

Reflections : 

Reflections Reflect on your investigation and the processes you used. Each member is to include an individual reflection. Questions that can guide: Reflection on the new knowledge acquired (i.e. what you have learnt.) as a result of the situation presented. Evaluate your performance as a group member and what you provided for the group. Evaluate your group mates’ performance in what they acquired for the group. Conclusion on whether goals/aims met out was achieved.

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