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Camp Oasis:

Camp Oasis


Introduction It was a very big day on Monday the 29 th of October for Grade 4. Some of the grade 4’s like myself were going to a camp called Camp Oasis. We had to go there for 3 days. Everyone was excited and they couldn’t wait to go on camp.

Day 1:

Day 1 When we got on the bus everyone was super excited to see the camp. The bus drive took 1h ½ to get to the camp. When we got there it looked so beautiful. After that we got all our luggage and went to the cabins. Then we put our luggage down and went to the dining room. The people we met were JB, Josh, John, Pete, Rhonda and Cody. JB explained the rules of the camp and there’s a gold bell that Josh wants to steal because he thinks it’s gold but it isn’t. After the rules we got into groups of 12 and I was in the Wombats. And the team leader was Harry’s dad. We were the fighting Wombats. Next we did two activities called the rope course and the initiatives. When we did them we had to get through different obstacles. It was fun. Then we had lunch, it was delicious. Then we got to do another activity which was reptile house with Josh. It was really fun. After that we had our showers before dinner. After that we had spaghetti bolognaise. It was delicious! Then we had Dessert which was ice-cream. Then we watched a movie which was the Smurfs. Lastly we had supper which was hot chocolate and a cookie. Then we went to our cabins. The people in my cabin were Me, Deshan, Harry, Braydon, Moonib, Kartik and Cole. The 1 st day was fun.

Day 2:

Day 2 At the start of the day we had to get up at 7:am. When we got up we had to get dressed and get ready for the day. The duty group had to go to the dining room at 7:45am. After that we had breakfast. For breakfast we had toast and hash browns or cereal. I had toast and hash browns for breakfast. It was awesome. After that we did our first activity before morning tea. We did candle making with Pete. So we had to tie a knot onto a piece of rope. Then we dipped them into boiling coloured wax and cold water. After that it turned into hard wax. Pete chopped the bottom off so that it could stand and it looked awesome. Candle making was so much fun. After candle making it was morning tea. It was muffin or cookie. I loved the muffin. It had choc chips. Then we did the one and only FLYING FOX! The flying fox was amazing. It was so high so fun it was one of the best parts of camp! On my first shot I went upside down for a bit of the ride. Then on my second go I went upside down for the whole ride. After that we had lunch. We had chicken wrap or meatballs. It was scrumptious. Then we did 2 activities called archery and crate climb. In archery I didn’t get a bullseye but I did pretty well if I do say so myself. When we got to the crate climb we had to get into a harness and try to climb as many crates as we can. I climbed up 7 crates but my friend Deshan who was in another group got all 21crates. Then we did a whole group game that was the bottle and shoe game.

Day 2:

Day 2 First Pete and Josh picked random pairs of shoes like mine. Then they put the shoes around the bottle. After that Pete blows the whistle and you get the shoe that’s in your space. Then you go to tape on the floor and chuck the shoe at the bottle. If the shoe hits the bottle your team gets a point. If it misses and goes in someone else's space they get to have a shot. At the end my team which was team 4 was the grade 4 champions but not the Oasis champions. The Oasis champions were the teachers. After the game we went back to the dining room and had afternoon tea. We had some fruit. It was nice. After afternoon tea we had showers, Duty group set up for dinner and for dinner we had Chicken drumsticks, mashed potato and salad. I loved it. Afterwards we had the Talent Show! The performances was amazing! I didn’t preform but I liked the performances. At the end Harry won. He did a dance to Michael Jackson and he called himself Harry Jackson. Then the teachers danced Gangnahm Style . It was funny. And they did it while the disco was going. Everyone went CRAZY! But it was fun. After the Disco was the Teddy bear competition. I didn’t have a teddy because I don’t like teddies. There were 4 categories that you could enter. Softest, Cutest , Most unusual and Tiniest. After that we sang happy birthday to Madison and Annika. For supper we had cake and some water. Then it was bedtime. It was such a tiring day but at least it was worth it.

Day 3:

Day 3 It was a very exciting morning, everyone was going back home. I was so happy and a bit sad because. I wanted to do more activities but there was no more ones except for a group game. It was called Sculptionary . First you make a team on a table. Then you get a piece of clay and go up to Pete and he will say a word and you have to make it and see if your team mates can guess it. The first team to guess all of them wins. But my team didn’t win but we played well. After that we got our bags and put them in a shelter. Then we went back to near the dining room outside and had morning tea. We had cake or donuts with water. It was nice. After that we went on a 6km walk. Lots of people thought it was boring, bad, terrible, tiring and much more. But I thought it was quite an experience of the bush. And it was funny because Pete was joking around. After that we finally we arrived at the S ilvan D am. Everyone was playing at the park but it got a bit boring. For lunch everyone had either hot dog or a hamburger. It was delicious. About 40 minutes later the bus came. I was so happy and I couldn’t wait to see my family! When we got on the bus I played a game with Deshan. Then 1 hour and a half we were home! I was super happy and a bit sad because I wish we could do more things but I still had fun. It was one of the best things of the year.

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And that is my recount about CAMP OASIS!

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