Best OEM Replacement Filters On The Market


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Even the best motor oil is worth nothing without a quality oil​f filter to protect it and keep it clean. Find out the best OEM replacement filters and everything you need to know about them.


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MotorCities A hub for Auto&Moto Enthusiast The Best OEM Replacement Oil Filters For Your Engine

What is an Oil filter:

What is an Oil filter A mandatory part of the planned car maintenance is the engine oil change . With each oil change, it is necessary to change the oil filter at the same time, otherwise there will be no sense to put a new lubricating product if there is nothing to keep it clean The job of the oil filter is to stop all the particles and contaminants which may appear in the motor oil from entering between the engine parts The oil filter cleans the engine from soot, metal particles and dust that might be formed during the motor’s work

Types of oil filters:

Types of oil filters Primary oil filters Secondary (bypass) oil filters Magnetic oil filters Conventional oil filters Spinner Oil Filters Thermal chamber oil filters

Top 5 OEM Replacement Oil filters:

Top 5 OEM Replacement Oil filters Mobil 1 Extended Performance Royal Purple WIX Oil Filter Bosch Premium Filtech ACDelco Professional Oil Filter

1. Mobil 1 Extended Performance:

1. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Prolongs the life of the engine oil Excellent in contaminant removing Premium quality Can be used with most of the oil brands Quick and easy installation

2. Royal Purple Oil Filter:

2. Royal Purple Oil Filter Reputable brand with high-end quality products Up to 10 000 miles of effective filtration Prevents dry starts Effective on particles down to 10 microns Robust construction

3. Wix Oil Filter:

3. Wix Oil Filter Competitive price Very good construction Recommended by the pros Easy to remove and install Dry start prevention

4. Bosch Premium Filtech:

4. Bosch Premium Filtech Can be used with all types of engine oils Robust construction Quality metal end caps Bigger filtering zone than most of the oil filters Very good price-quality ratio

5. ACDelco Professional oil fiLter:

5. ACDelco Professional oil fiLter Efficient at microns down to 30 microns Product of the USA Synthetic end cups 1.5 times stronger nylon core Rubber drain back valve


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