Easy Guide On How To Change Your Car Battery At Home


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Why should you pay to mechanics to change your car battery when you can do it yourself easily. Our 7 - step guide will help you learn the process that you can apply in any of your cars. Check it out!


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Easy guide on how to change your car battery at home:

Easy guide on how to change your car battery at home


Hint If you are not 100% sure your battery is completely dead, try re-charging with a car battery charger Some quality battery chargers are equipped with repair modes for highly sulfated batteries

Step 1 Safety Concerns:

Step 1 Safety Concerns The first thing to do before you start is to make sure you park your car safely and take the keys out so they are in your pocket throughout the entire process We advise that you use protective gloves and glosses if possible

Step 2 Pin&Pass Storage:

Step 2 Pin&Pass Storage Make sure you have all the PIN codes and necessary passwords (for radio, Bluetooth, etc.). Disconnecting the car battery may lead to loss of memory of some devices inside the vehicle.

Step 3 Know the battery Terminals:

Step 3 Know the battery Terminals Make sure to learn the battery terminals Negative ( - ) terminals are always in black or blue color Positive ( + ) terminals are always in red color

Step 4 Removing the old battery:

Step 4 Removing the old battery Disconnect the battery terminals, starting with the negative first ( - ) and then the positive one ( + ) Remove the old battery from the nest carefully without too much tilting and shaking

Step 5 Clean&Prepare:

Step 5 Clean&Prepare Observe the battery terminals and make sure to remove any corrosion that is on and around them Clean around the nest from any dust and particles that may be left

Step 6 Placing the new battery:

Step 6 Placing the new battery Place the new battery in the nest and make sure the poles are in the same place as the old battery Connect the terminals starting with the positive (+) and then the negative (-) one

Step 7 Final Check:

Step 7 Final Check When you are ready with the installation, make sure everything is tightened properly and on its place Check if the battery is tightened properly with a gentle shake


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