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H O W T O D E T E R M I N E W H E T H E R Y O U A R E U S I N G A C O R R E C T L U B R I C A N T - U S I N G A H I G H Q U A L I T Y D O E S N ’ T G I V E A S S U R A N C E F O R C O R R E C T L U B R I C A N T T E C H N I C A L C O N C E P T w w w . m o s i l . i n Now a days people in industry are aware of importance of lubrication. They put special efforts i.e. time and money for selection of best quality of lubricant with view to efficiently lubricate their machines. But one should not confuse superiority of technical specifications as a superior lubricant for their application. In consideration of above analogy a good quality gear oil won’t work as a good engine oil. Industry personnel are aware of importance of selecting appropriate lubricant for required application. The selection of lubricant is based on the specification provided by Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM.

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w w w . m o s i l . i n OEM usually specify the properties for lubricating oil such as base oil viscosity at operating or ambient temperature need of additives and special consideration based on the environmental and operating conditions. On other hand for grease there is lack of information or just the name of lubricant which sometimes is a challenge for lubrication engineer.  Due to insufficient at times specification provided one should understand how to select a proper grease based on application. After selection of base oil viscosity next important parameter to be selected is base oil type i.e. mineral or synthetic. Depending upon the application and expected life of lubricant one can go for the type of base oil. Synthetics usually have better properties and life than that of a mineral oil. B a s e o i l t y p e : Lets see understand grease selection process by understanding the significant properties that are Base oil Viscosity Base oil Type Thickener Consistency Additives Solid Lubricants Base oil viscosity is one of the significant properties to be observed while selecting a grease. One should not confuse base oil viscosity of a grease with consistency of the grease. Since application of grease is majorly for a bearing equipment where consistency also plays a major role we have to select between high viscosity and low viscosity depending upon the application parameters i.e speed load and temperature etc. B A s e o i l v i s c o s i t y

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Lets understand the role of selection of an appropriate thickener. Thickener binds the oil. Consistency is decided and controlled by thickener. Even though base oil viscosity affects the consistency but it should be noted that a low base oil viscosity can have high consistency or vice versa. Thickener are of different types with different properties. Depending upon the requirement thickener is to be selected. e.g. w w w . m o s i l . i n Once everything is selected like base oil viscosity base oil type and thickener depending upon the requirement of application one should consider package of additives to be added. There are many types of additives... T h i c k e n e r C o n s i s t e n c y : Complex greases provides better performance at higher operating temperatures.    Polyurea have good high - temperature performance and oxidation stability.  Aluminium thickener have good water resistance properties etc.. For high load and high speed. the base oil viscosity is low so one should consider EP additive for sustaining the requirement of application while a light loaded bearing application may not necessarily warrant an EP additive to be added for same base oil. Other additives like antioxidant anti- foam rust inhibitor VI improver etc. are performance enhancing additives used in grease. Depending upon the application one should wisely choose the additives required and the dosage quantity. A d d i t i v e s :

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w w w . m o s i l . i n Solid lubricants are usually used in the formulation of grease at high temperatures and high load. There are various types of solid lubricants such as Moly Graphite PTFE etc. Depending upon the requirement and property of solid lubricant one should choose correct solid lubricant.  After going through the above points one can step by step select the right lubricant for his application. Improvement of lubrication program can be a tough job but finding the specification is relatively easy. With a little knowledge of specification and other tools one can possibly select the right lubricant. We can follow the table below for an approx selection of type of additive based on the type of bearing. Let’s understand the with the help of tick marks and crosses. S o l i d L u b r i c a n t s : MOSIL Lubricants have wide variety of greases and oils depending upon the application and performance requirement. One can choose from the vast range of product based on the specification mentioned in the datasheet. Our range of products include high speed grease heavy duty grease Non - drip grease synthetic grease general purpose grease etc.

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