4 Reasons Why Paella Catering is so Loved

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4 Reasons Why Paella Catering is so Loved http://www.vamospaella.co.uk/

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The traditional Spanish dish Paella is a filling rice-based meal usually made with pieces of fish or meat and lots of spices in a big pan over an open flame. Though the most popular form nowadays is seafood paella. http://www.vamospaella.co.uk/

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And 4 reasons why it’s so loved : http://www.vamospaella.co.uk/

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http://www.vamospaella.co.uk/ The valician tradition Most people see Paella as a national Spain dish but i t ’ s actually a regional Valecian dish which is where it originally originated. Its traditionally cooked outdoors and eaten right from the pan or paella – hence the name. And this tradition is still followed by many bringing family and friends together. Imagine gathering with people you love and sharing a huge plate of food What fun One dish – Million recipes Just as with most iconic dishes paella has existed in many forms in many places. When we think of paella today the most common image that comes to mind is that of rice t h a t ’ s turned golden with aromatic saffron topped with heaps of seafood. But there are more combinations than you can imagine. For ease we have set 5 menus that cater to every event and taste bud. Visit our website to know more

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http://www.vamospaella.co.uk/ Best Paella Catering services For those of you who are not in Spain you can try to make paella at home on your own. And if you d o n ’ t want to cook it yourself where do you eat the best paella Simply order it from Vamos Paella Cratering services. Our paella is famous and delicious. Rice takes the centre stage Paella is a mixture of ingredients from land and sea served over rice. While the stuff on top might look mouth- wateringly good good paella is really all about the rice. Starchy short-grain varieties of Spanish rice like bomba or calasparra take centre stage here. Many of our regular guests disregards the toppings altogether and dives straight into the rice This is one dish that stands out as meeting that perfect balance of comfort and refinement exotic yet familiar traditional yet modern and that dish is Paella. And just as this iconic dish is loved all over Europe so is the paella caterers behind making this dish available in Europe- the Vamos Paella catering services.

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http://www.vamospaella.co.uk/ Contact us Address: 4 Gordon Road Brighton East Sussex- South east England BN1 6PD Phone: 07815 582231 Email: infovamospaella.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vamospaella Twitter: https://twitter.com/vamospaella