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H1B VISA Immigration and Visa Consultants www.morevisas.com

What Is H1B Visa?:

What Is H1B Visa? A r e you excited to work in the U.S? It’s possible through H-1B visa. The H-1B visa provides ample of opportunities for the international students for those who desired to mould their career more professionally and have the plan to migrate and settle in foreign lands. www.morevisas.com


Excelling Living Conditions. Have most distinctive educational system. Can lead a peaceful life. Can have ample of employment opportunities. Better Outlook for Future. Why Choose USA? www.morevisas.com

H-1B Visa Requirements::

H-1B Visa Requirements: The H-1B application can be filled only after the foreign national has obtained an H-1B sponsorship from the employer. The applicant must have a valid passport. Must provide a updated resume . Must have at least one relevant degree like Bachelor Degree or Master Degree . Must have the reference letter of employment from the previous employers. Must meet all the health requirements. www.morevisas.com

The Process for H-1B Visa: :

The Process for H-1B Visa: Step 1 Apply for H-1B visa. Step 2 Submit the application carefully without any mistakes. Step 3 Submitting it to the Embassy with all the proper documents. Step 4 Wait for the lottery results. Step 5 Get Approved. www.morevisas.com

Benefits of H-1B visa::

Benefits of H-1B visa: Can explore multicultural lifestyle Can apply for Green card Can invest money in stock, mutual funds and bonds etc. www.morevisas.com

Apply for the H-1B Visa to Make Your Dreams Come True. :

Apply for the H-1B Visa to Make Your Dreams Come True. Contact Us : Toll Free :1800-2000-144 Email: info @morevisas.com m orevisas Enquiry form www.morevisas.com Thank you

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