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"Cordoba Tours Hajj is a approved hajj travel agency in USA which provides two exclusive and affordable hajj packages. Package 1: from $7499 , Package 2: from $6999. Book Now"


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Welcome to | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222

Hajj 2020 Package 1 :

Hajj 2020 Package 1 | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222 Led by world class scholars with real and direct Hajj experience:  Primary Group Leaders: Shaykh Musa Sugapong (USA) & Ustadh Hassan Shibly in the company of Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera in Hajj Price:  $6999 (4 in hotel room*), $7790 (3 in hotel room*), $8699 (2 in hotel room *) *in Makkah and Madinah hotel room only.

Package Details Starting from $7499:

Package Details Starting from $7499 | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222 Hajj according to the Sunnah Depart July 15th; Return August 5 th Price 4 in a room: $7,499 3 in a room: $7,999 2 in a room: $ 8,499 Round-trip airfare from NYC (other major airports available ) Makkah Hotel: Hilton Convention Center Madinah Hotel: Crown Plaza Makkah Hotel: Sara Villa Aziziyah

: | [email protected]com| +1 718.848.1222 Madinah Hotel: Crown Plaza Makkah Hotel: Hilton Convention centre

: | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222 Breakfast & Dinner included in Hotel Hajj visa services included Upgraded tents in North American Mina Brief stay in Aziziyah / Bahtha in quad room in days leading up to the Hajj with access during Hajj - this is not a hotel Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided during the days of Hajj Dedicated office staff to cater to all pre-Hajj questions and procedures

: | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222 Dedicated Hajj coordinator and scholar ( Shaykh ) for guidance throughout the Hajj Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip Over 5 Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs and a personalized guidebook Ihram (for men) and pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters ) Prayer rug, Backpack, shoe bag, pebble bag and Ihram belt, Personalized ID badges

: | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222 NOT INCLUDED Hajj fee to Saudi Government ($ 400 ) Zabiha ( Qurbani ) $ 150 Domestic flights to international gateways Fedex or any other document mailing costs Saudi has introduced two taxes recently: a 5% VAT effective January 1, 2018; and an additional 5% Municipality Fee effective February 14, 2018. Sara Travel is sharing some of the increased costs due to these taxes. Your portion of the increase costs is estimated at $355 per person, which includes the VAT and Municipality Fee. Register Now!

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Thank you | [email protected]| +1 718.848.1222 Contact us: [email protected] +1 718.848.1222 106-08 Liberty Avenue, Ozone Park, NY, 11417

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