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Public Safety The Israeli Solutions


Daily Dose of Israeli Technology PC-Pentium (Intel) Notebook-Centrino (Intel) CellPhone (DSPC/TI) PhoneCalls (Amdocs) Call Centers (Nice/ Verint) Voice Mail (Comverse) Instant Messaging (ICQ) PC Inspection (Orbotech) VOIP(Vocaltec/AudCod) Flash (M-Systems) Generic Drugs (Teva) Vegetables (Netafim) Stents (Medinol) Firewalls (CHKP) SW Performance (Mercury Interactive) Chip Manufacturing (Applied) AntiVirus (many)

A Steadily Growing Economy: 

A Steadily Growing Economy


Why Israel Open market economy Consistent export-oriented growth Stable democracy Technological leadership Highly skilled human resources Modern infrastructure and business culture Extensive government incentives


The role of the multinationals- IBM, MS, AOL, Cisco, Intel, Motorola Building design centers, buying companies, training managers Massive immigration and brain influx from former Soviet Union Strong ties between Academy and Industry Entrepreneurial phenomena. …add a Generous Helping of…


Israel’s Security & Safety Sector Total security companies: 600 Export-driven security companies: 350 Annual turnover: $4 B Annual exports: $1 B


The Advantages The industry was compelled to develop & integrate the technological solutions necessary in order to meet the requirements of the combat elements & the higher echelons. Extensive & proven know-how & a significant wealth of experience at all of the relevant levels.


So Why Israel? Practical, “hands-on” experience is a key element in successfully planning & implementing a comprehensive, integrated, effective solution to the exiting threats.


What Do We Offer…?


What Do We Offer…? Concept & doctrine. Planning & design. Implementation. Integration. Training. Assimilation. Transfer of know-how. Know-How Elements


Equipments and products: Perimeter security. Installation security. Access control. Personal gear and physical protection . Crowd control equipment. Intelligence & surveillance equipment. C4I systems. What Do We Offer…?


Integrated Solutions Airport security. Security for high-value/infrastructure facilities: power stations, oil/gas pipelines and storage facilities, water reservoirs etc. Aircraft security. Establishment of counter-terrorist units. Security for International mass events (Olympic games, trade fairs, conventions). What Do We Offer…?


Integrated Solutions Establishment of security schools. Mail sorting & screening systems. Central and regional C2 posts. Integrated concepts & procedures for VIP protection. What Do We Offer…?


Recent global projects: Examples 2004 Athens Olympic games (15 companies) Border control within mostly new comers countries to the EU Airport and maritime security. Aviation security – US airliners, EL-AL and others. Anti terror special forces.


Commercial Department of the Israeli Embassy in Singapore Ms. Anat Katz, Commercial Attaché Tel: +65-68349220 [email protected] or Mr. Eran SELA Director – Defense Industries & Products Division Security & Safety / Space & Aviation Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Tel: 972-3-5142926 E-mail: [email protected] Website: For Further Information Please Contact:

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