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Ministry of Interior e-government projects

Internal projects: 

Internal projects internal e-administration in information system of Ministry of Interior e.g public agent smart card

Institutional projects: 

Institutional projects e-government between Ministry of Interior and institutional partners (Europe, other French ministries, local administration) e.g “ACTES” project

Citizen projects: 

Citizen projects e-government between French administration & citizens e.g electronic ID card

ACTES project (1): 

ACTES project (1) “Legacy control” Local collectivities Mayor etc Prefect (State civil servant) Acte Act 8 million/year AKR Prefecture Acts Marriage, Building Permit etc Checks if legal or not Special network FAST

ACTES project (2): 

ACTES project (2) Dematerialization Automation of repetitive tasks Secure authentication Piloted since December 2003, with FAST from CDC

INES project: 

INES project To provide electronic services to citizens transform traditional processes into electronic processes e.g car ID secure electronic ID

Goals of INES: 

Goals of INES Improve security of ID documents better verification of identity use of biometrics Simplify administration work & citizens requests single process for passport & ID card issue (other documents later) use for other national e-procedures

Improve document security: 

Improve document security Passport ICAO recommendations contactless chip facial recognition as primary biometric data France will use fingerprints as secondary biometric data in accordance with EU recommendations ID card Use of dual interface chip Contact for secure e-transactions Contactless for ICAO compatibility because ID card is also travel document Storage of fingerprints & portrait in chip PKI

Electronic identity will simplify -: 

Electronic identity will simplify - Citizens’ lives E-transactions New services Simplified procedures Security & trust Civil servants’ lives Dematerialization Use of new technologies More reactivity e-Economy First ID-cards issued at end of 2006

Privacy issues: 

Privacy issues Identification of citizens No global “personal number” in France ID card not only way to access e-transactions “VITALE” used in health field “Carte de Vie Quotidienne” (CVQ) for local administration & local services Introduction of biometrics will require a new law ID Cards need interational interoperabolity

e-Health in France: 

e-Health in France Internet to rationalise healthcare system

French Health System: 

French Health System Multitude of actors health insurance (compulsory & complementary) 300 000 professionals (110 000 doctors), 24 000 pharmacies, 4 000 laboratories 4000 hospitals, 1.1 million employees (50 000 doctors) …with high degree of autonomy

Health Management : 

Health Management National expenditure for health 148 billion €, 10% of GDP (USA:14%) One of the most expensive among developed countries Higher growth than GDP + 5.2 % in 2001

Two main ICT projects: 

Two main ICT projects SESAM-Vitale smart card & system simplify administrative procedure to refund health expenses Electronic health records improve doctor-patient relationship

Health Insurance Card: 

Health Insurance Card Vitale card user-friendly & identifies holder for all citizens over 16 - 55 million cards 1994 - test 1998 - first pilot run in region 2001 - widespread use

How does it work?: 

How does it work?

SESAM-Vitale Scoreboard: 

SESAM-Vitale Scoreboard December 2004 All French > 16 years have a card 76.9 million transactions 204 555 professionals using system (71.1%) 81.26% of doctors 94.84% of pharmacies but 13.77 % of laboratories.


EU NETCARDS Eliminate legal barriers to citizen mobility simplify procedure align insured rights To provide reliable evidence of entitlement to receive health care & social services in EU card authentication secure network applications [email protected] consortium 6 member States - Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Finland + Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia Third Country (Québec/Canada) as observer Coordinator SESAM-VITALE


Agenda Pilot during Athens Olympic games (2004) 2008 : EHIC for all members & interoperability of national system Other countries ?


Portal Portal Greek Health Care Provider French Health Care Provider Trans-European Extranet French Health Insurance back-office Portal German Health Care Provider Portal German Health Insurance back-office Other National Schemes Italy Slovenia Hungary Finland … Austrian Health Care Provider Austrian Health Insurance back-office Portal

Personal Electronic Health Records (EHR): 

Personal Electronic Health Records (EHR) EHR = Dossier Médical Partagé (DMP) in French effective way to manage patient’s records… … but which must guarantee privacy VITALE + EHR --> Health ID (2006)


VITALE 2 32 KO (today 4 KO) Cryptology e-health card e-signature card for access to EHR Validity : 5 years. Photo for a better security

Gracias Thank you Merci!: 

Gracias Thank you Merci! Jean-Bernard GRAMUNT [email protected]

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