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MS FrontPage 1: Developing a web site for the Sunny Morning Products : 

MS FrontPage 1: Developing a web site for the Sunny Morning Products Yong Choi CSU Bakersfield

View Bars: 

View Bars Page View shows the files and folders of the website as Windows Explorer would. We will use this view while working on our website. Folders View shows only the folders of the website. Reports View shows a brief report on the web site. Navigation View shows the links between pages.

View Bars: 

View Bars Hyperlinks View shows the pages that have inbound links to the current document and pages that have outbound links to the current document. Tasks View is a to-do list for the web developer working on the website.

Page View: 

Page View You can edit in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) fashion by using the Normal tab. Write HTML directly by using the HTML tab. Preview your page as it will appear when viewed by a site visitor by using the Preview tab.

Managerial Mistakes of Web: 

Managerial Mistakes of Web Designing web site because your senior VP told so. Underestimating the strategic impact of the web. New ways of doing business such as true globalization Forgetting budget for maintenance.

Technical Mistakes of Web: 

Technical Mistakes of Web Outsourcing to multiple agencies Slow server response times Slow loading due to large graphics Provide an option to download pictures separately Too large to navigate Not too simple and chaotic Do not use every possible font, color and features for less distracting Also see EC project # 2 design guidelines…..

3 Most Popular Picture Formats: 

3 Most Popular Picture Formats GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Suitable for scanned photos and pictures with smaller file sizes. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Very similar to GIF but patent and license free JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) Suitable for large pictures because it converts them to a format with smaller file sizes.

2 Most Popular Sound Formats: 

2 Most Popular Sound Formats WAV The standard file format for sound on personal computers. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Used by the eletronic music industry for controlling devices that emit music, such as synthesizers and sound cards. A WAV file usually produce quality sound than a MIDI file. MIDI files are smaller than WAV files.

Developing a Web site: 

Developing a Web site Define the objective of the web site Identify your target audience Have a statement of purpose Know your main objectives Have a concise outline of the information your site will contain. Determine the web site’s contents Design the web site Build the web site Test the web site

Developing a web site for the Sunny Morning Products (SMP): 

Developing a web site for the Sunny Morning Products (SMP) Sunny Morning Products (SMP) is an international bottler and distributor of Olympic Gold brand fresh orange juice and thirst-quencher sports drink. To better accommodate the customers and visitors, SMP has decided to open the Internet store. You and I as a web development team will create the Internet store for Sunny Morning Products. Also, we will provide travel information pages and a web-based database table as well.

Planning Analysis of the Web Site: 

Planning Analysis of the Web Site Objective Develop marketing corporate web site that provides relevant company information and allows consumers to place orders Web site contents Company description List of products and prices List of available job positions Feedback, Order, and Search forms Travel Discussion and Web DB Table

Design of the SMP: 

Home Page Employment Products Links Travel Service Feedback Search Banner Contents Drink Gift Packs Fruit Gift Packs Gifts Baskets Ordering Information Order Form Design of the SMP

Creating the Sunny Web Site: 

Creating the Sunny Web Site Your first step is creating a web folder that can contain all the necessary files of the web site!! File  New  Web Location of the new web C:\sunny + your last name Then, cut and paste into My Documents folder

Creating Home page 1: 

Creating Home page 1 Download and Insert files Use “HomePage” word document for the index.htm page Insert two maps (map1 and map 2) and then, change to thumbnail size pictures Downloading time of the pictures (bottom of the screen) Save Your Work ! What Happens ! See actual codes of the web page Two ways to test the web page

Creating Home page 2: 

Creating Home page 2 Apply background color file Bkgrnd.gif Type following after maps Brighten your day. Enjoy some of our sunshine! Apply a marquee (scrolling message) Web component  Dynamic effects  Marquee Background sound Minuet.mid Insert last modified date and time right after “last updated” phrase Automatic update.

Creating Home page 3: 

Creating Home page 3 Apply heading 3 for followings; Welcome to the Sunny Morning Products Web Site! Brighten your day. Enjoy some of our sunshine! Create a navigation bar at the top of the Home Page. Two ways (vertical or button) Always organize your web folder Move all graphic and sound files into Images folder

Creating Home page 4: 

Creating Home page 4 Using META Tags A META tag is an HTML tag that includes text which identifies how the web page developers wants to add the web site to a search engine’s index. Most search engines gather information about web sites by collecting data based on HTML code entered into the HTML document by the web page developer’s. These keywords are called META tags.

Creating Home page 5: 

Creating Home page 5 Page Properties  Custom Add followings in the User variables section; Name: description Value: Sunny Morning Products produces Olympic Gold brand orange juice and sports drink. Check out our Sunshine Country Store Name: Keywords orange juice, sports drink, citrus products, gifts, holiday gifts, oranges, grapefruit

Creating the Employment page: 

Creating the Employment page Import partially completed HTML document employ.htm Create navigation bar Creating bookmarks A bookmark is a named location in a web page that is the target of a hyperlink. Bookmarks make web pages easier to navigate Either text-based or none text-based bookmarks

Creating the Employment page: 

Creating the Employment page Download “employment page” file Creating text-based bookmarks Create bookmark list No bookmarks: hyperlink button  bookmark Insert  bookmark textbox: Accounting Advertising MIS Customer Support Open hyperlink dialogue box, and then book mark to each one

Creating the Employment page: 

Creating the Employment page Create nontext-based bookmarks Create before the contact information phrase Bookmark name text box: To Apply Using Top of Page text and button Insert Top of Page Button (Up.gif) before the text (Top of Page) Create before the navigation bar Bookmark name text box: Top

Creating the Employment page: 

Creating the Employment page Type the (your) e-mail address [email protected] Apply same background Amanda wants you to create a hyperlink from the Employment web page to the Home Page and and one from the Home Page to the Employment web page. Save your work

Creating a Travel Service page: 

Creating a Travel Service page Create a new page Save as Travel Import graphic and text files: Travel.txt (Select Normal paragraphs from the Convert Text dialog box) Fix the third paragraph ! LONDON.gif and SANFRAN.gif Place the cursor the before the letter A in “Aound the world” and then insert LONDON (London tower). Wrapping style in Left

Creating the Travel Service page: 

Creating the Travel Service page Do the same thing for the SANFRAN.gif (Golden Gate Bridge). Place the cursor the before the letter W “World-famous Times Square” Wrapping style in Right. Apply heading 3 to page title: Planning a New Year Gateway!

Design the Links Page: 

Design the Links Page Create a new page and then save as Links Copy and paste the navigation bar Type Links to My Favorite Sites Type and highlight MSN - The Microsoft Network. Type and then, type Yahoo! to replace the selected text. Apply Same background color

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