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Verónica Fernández Manuel León Fabiola Molina G-421

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Contents About Us Visual Kei History Bands Tattoos & Piercings Evolution Talents Movies

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About Us My name is Veronica, you can call me Vero. I'm 18. I'm a graphic design student at URBE. . I like: I would like to move to Quebec when I get graduated from URBE. My personal hero : When I was a child I used to spend all day My talent : My favorite movie :

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About Us

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About Us music , surfing the net  junk food  , my family and my country  . Onions and smoke Fabiola Molina Fabimoli . 19 Graphic Design at URBE graduated from URBE. Mi hero is my mom When I was a child I played in the street I use glasses My talent is to draw One of my favorite movies is GOAL

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M ovement among Japanese musicians ヴィジュアル系 characterized M ake -up , e laborate hair styles C ostumes .

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1990s History I ncrease in popularity throughout Japan B ands started to reach record numbers A drastic change in their appearance accompanied their success. gained mainstream awareness 1999 mainstream popularity in Visual Kei was declining Malice Mizer Kuroyume Penicillin

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Influence Bands Glam Goth CyberPunk Noted Bands The most popular Japanese act in America is the Visual -turned-Heavy Metal band Dir en Grey.

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Talents dressing influenced by appearances of the glam metal of the West and Victorian era W anting to be different or feel different . extravagant make-up. Get dressed and call the attention of people

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Movies Maebashi Visual- Kei “ Gitan Ohtsuru Gitan Ohtsuru (original story), Lion Hitoshizuku (screenplay) Shunsuke Kazama , Masaya Kikawada and Taiyô Sugiura Drama Japan

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Our Reflection In this Level IV we learnt about the past, the body parts, films and even how to use technology in the classroom. How to make classes more dynamic, and teachers can become students and students teachers. In level 4 we learnt how to use Second life and we spent good time in there. We discovered that we can practice our English with other people in SL. I met people from other countries and chatted with them. We shared information and our homework through our blogs. We studied the past tense of verbs and learnt how to use them. In level 4 we learnt new vocabulary and some words, we create a blog where we post our homework , also we learnt body part’s .hero, dreams and other things, we used second life and speak with others people from different parts of the world.