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Activity NO.5:

Activity NO.5 The Philippines Tarsier Habitat The Philippine Tarsier is found in tropical areas, mangroves, scrubs and lowland forests, Tarsier’s used to be found across the world but today they can only be found in the islands of South-East Asia. Appearance The Tarsier’s eyes are about 16 mm in diameter, that’s as big as its brain, although its eyes are fixed in their skulls its neck can rotate 180 degrees so it can still see everything. Tarsier’s fur colours range from gold to brown and grey. Tarsier’s are fairly small they are about 9cm-16cm in height and can weigh 80g-165g. Diet The Philippine Tarsier is an animal that eats insects and small creatures such as spiders, lizards, birds and more. Tarsier’s catch their prey by leaping through trees (they can leap up to 2 metres in distance and 1.5 metres in height). Tarsier’s use their long fingers to pick insects from logs and charcoal.

Activity no.5 Part 2:

Activity no.5 Part 2 Threats The number of species have decreased to around 700 according to the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. Due to the growing human population which causes more forests to be converted to farmland, housing areas and roads, it is a high risk for the Tarsier’s to be wiped out.

activity No.1:

activity No.1

Activity no.19:

Activity no.19

Activity no.17:

Activity no.17 Interviewing my dad Q: What was it like in Philippines A: Crowded, Hot and Humid Q: What was different from Australia A: Culture, surroundings, people and transport Q: Why did you move to Australia A: Dads parents wanted dad to have a better life Q: Why did you choose Australia A: Dads aunty was living here she said its good Q: What were the schools like A: Hard the teachers are strict and they hit you

Activity no.18:

Activity no.18 Chocolate Hills Location/Tourism The Chocolate Hills are located in Bohol Province, Philippines. The dome-shaped hills are scattered around Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan , Bohol. The Chocolate hills is Bohol’s most famous natural tourist attraction making the National Government choose Chocolate Hills as one of the Philippines flagship tourist destinations. As the Chocolate Hills are a tourist destination a hotel called “Chocolate Hills Complex” was built a few minutes away from the site. Description The Chocolate Hills are dome-shaped hills that are green then turn a chocolate brown in the dry seasons (that is why they are called Chocolate Hills). Between the hills there are flatter sections where the locals grow rice. There are at least 1,260 hills, the hills being about 30-50metres high. Chocolate Hills Chocolate Hills in dry seasons

Activity no.7:

Activity no.7

Activity no.26:

Activity no.26