What Is The Difference Between A Startup And Small Business?


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Are Startups and Small Businesses the same? Or are they different? Many people struggle to distinguish them. Find out the real answer in this funny presentation!


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slide 2:

Too many look at startups and small businesses and assume that they are the same thing.

slide 3:

In reality though…

slide 4:

They are quite different.

slide 5:

While they have some similarities they are not the same thing at all.

slide 6:

Luckily it is easy to tell them apart especially if you know the intentions of the business owner and the business’s potential future.

slide 7:

So what is the difference between Startup and Small Business

slide 8:

First lets look at small business.

slide 9:

Most likely you know what one is.

slide 10:

Small business is an ice cream shop in your district or your favorite local coffee shop for instance.

slide 12:


slide 14:

A small business is usually a locally owned business

slide 15:

That has a small number of employees

slide 16:

A relatively low cost and income

slide 17:

And usually no plans to become a corporation

slide 18:

These type of low risk low reward businesses tend to remain the same for years.

slide 19:

Very seldom do small businesses grow into something bigger.

slide 20:

Startups are also small

slide 21:

…but they dream BIG

slide 22:

The fundamental difference between startup and small business is in their mindset

slide 23:

Startups are more about gaining ground and becoming a big hit.

slide 24:

Something that can have a huge success

slide 25:

They are all about the ambition dream and threshold.

slide 26:

It’s when you vigorously refuse to stay small

slide 27:

Startups are born to be big.

slide 28:

To be big or die.

slide 29:

Startups want to change the world.

slide 30:

Small businesses are fine staying small and stable.

slide 31:

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