When It's Time To Start Your Own Business?


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Sometimes we meet people who are so good in something that we wonder why do not they turn their skills and talents into capital? Why don't they start their own business and make more money, but instead continue working for someone and be content with their monthly salary? Sometimes people don’t start their own business simply because they think that it's not time yet. So, we just wanted to dig a bit deeper and find out when it is actually time to start your own business? Is there a rule or any sign to signal you that it's time or not? And here is what we have found out.


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Sometimes we meet people who are so good in something.

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And we wonder why dont they turn their skills and talents into capital

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Why dont they start their own business and make more money

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Instead they continue working for someone and be content with their monthly salary

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To be honest there are many reasons for this.

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And often those reasons are well justified.

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However sometimes people don’t start their own business simply because they think that…

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It’s not time yet.

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Well there are usually plenty of excuses for that and rarely there is a single real retaining reason.

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1. I don’t have funding. 2. I don’t have right connections. 3. I don’t have time. 4. I’m not ready. 5… 1000…

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Do you really think that you obligatorily need to have all the favorable conditions to start a business

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What if you wait too much and then the “right” time will never come

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Well. But when it’s actually time then

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Seems like…

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The time is NOW

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Yes its actually TIME to start your very own business now

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As long as you are passionate about your idea and feel that you need to embark on a journey for your part of success - its time.

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Here are 7 BONUS thoughts and tips for you on this.

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If you have a business idea you should start thinking about it seriously.

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Its FREE. You do not pay for thinking.

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Every great business has started with an idea.

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Your idea has chances to become the next great thing.

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Try to visualize everything.

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Imagine yourself making things happening.

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And it will work.

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Sounds too simple

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Most of the genius staff is often unbelievably plain.

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Often we think a lot of something without putting thoughts in motion

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It’s not a bad thing. However consider the action instead after of thinking.

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It is the action that will bring you the results and no idea will materialize without an action.

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So take action now.

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Not tomorrow.

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Not even after 5 minutes.

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Well okay. As soon as you finish with this presentation… 

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Just try it

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It is again FREE in the end.

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You need to avoid procrastination.

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It turns to the habit with the speed of light.

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If you postponed something today it is more likely that youll postpone it tomorrow.

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So if you decided to be successful and fight procrastination then start it immediately today.

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Remember impossibility is nothing.

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It all depends on you. Always.

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If you want youll make it.

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This old truth has always been unbeatable and worth to be remembered.

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Starting doesnt mean an immediate investment

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Well at least in terms of money.

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You can start from planning or research for instance.

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Or if you are thinking of online business then you can simply get a plain domain name with the very basic hosting plan and launch a website.

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It won’t take you much time and money.

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But youll be able to observe how it goes.

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If it is good then you just go a little bit further step by step.

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Upon completion of each step youll have enough time to decide whether previous steps were successful and if it is a good idea to move forward again.

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The most important part is that you start and do not postpone it to another tomorrow.

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After all even if things do no turn out you invest in your experience and this always carries some value.

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So do not consider your time wasted. It is your experience.

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Start from small no need to risk it all.

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Small things does not require much time and lots of effort.

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Give it a try Take action today and see what happens.

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Sometimes it is just like a snowball you rarely notice how fast it becomes huge.

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There is no better time to start the work than at this very moment.

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You can start moving towards your dream right away

slide 74:

One second…

slide 75:

Two seconds…

slide 76:

The time your most precious resource is passing fast so is there anything you still need to wait for

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slide 78:

Right after you finish with this deck

slide 79:

Come on hit the ground running now and grab your part of success

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...and remember

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