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Businesses in a modern world have many options when it comes to company formation. In these slides, we outline the 8 main advantages of incorporating in the UK.


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www.millforbusiness.com 8 Reasons To Form a Company in UK

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It is an exciting time when you finally decide to form a company.

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And it is often the time when you discover that in a contemporary world the business boundaries are almost fully demolished and you have a wide selection of jurisdictions to incorporate your company in.

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Delaware Hong-Kong Singapore Ireland Luxembourg The Netherlands and other jurisdictions offer specific advantages and incentives for companies to incorporate there.

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And they definitely have those advantages that they are known for.

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Among the best options for company formation you will always find the UK as well.

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And here is WHY

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1 UK Company Formation Process is Remarkably Easy

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It is very easy to form a limited company in UK. You can do it completely online. No lawyer or notary input is required which is often the case in many other jurisdictions. No physical presence required neither during formation nor after it. Usually it is just a matter of 3 hours. 3 hours and voila Your company is registered with Companies House. Amazing.

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2 Its Absolutely Inexpensive

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Company Formation in UK is quite cheap. There is no minimum capital requirement for UK limited companies so you can start with as low as 1 GBP while the most of other jurisdictions require thousands of euros or equivalent to capitalize a company upon its incorporation.

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3 Its Prestigious

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The UK is a very prestigious location for almost any business. Well the UK naturally would be the most obvious choice for its residents even without the prestige related concerns. However for an overseas businesses this is an another opportunity to gain some extra benefit and some more advantages.

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The UK company is always associated with whatever the UK is associated and known globally like credibility reliability transparency etc. This often has an utterly positive effect on your business relationships and customer trust.

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4 Reliable Regulatory Environment

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The UK follows an advisory approach for formulation of regulation which is favorable for a business environment. New rules and regulations rarely might shock businesses. This has always been an important asset.

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5 The Language You Deal With Is Always English

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When choosing among overseas options for incorporation it is essential to think of your future communication with the corresponding government bodies and agencies. In the UK you are always sure that your communication will be in English all the times. No translators not even Google Translate – it is highly practical and time-saving.

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6 Excellent Talent Pool

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The UK is home to the top universities in Europe and two of them are among top 5 in the world meaning that there is a huge talent pool always available for your recruitment. Its then up to you to establish an effective recruitment process - the pool will be always available there.

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7 Information

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Nowadays the information sometimes might be priceless. It is often decisive when it comes to business.

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The UK business community has accumulated tons of business-related information during its entire existence and a big part of it is freely available on the Internet. So you can be pretty sure that the relevant preliminary information on whatever issue arises with your company is available either on governmental or private and public websites.

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8 Strong Innovation and RD focus

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UK is a well-known innovation and RD hub offering a great environment and incentives for innovation-oriented businesses. This is another good reason to incorporate in the UK if you are planning to run an innovative business.

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So an additional range of extra benefits and advantages will open up for your UK company with its RD and innovation focus.

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To summarize and make a long story short we would like to highlight that the UK is undoubtedly a great place to form a company and run a business. It is an internationally minded hub of trade people and cultures from all around the world with a pro-business government policy stable currency and stable economy.

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And the last but not the least - if you decide to form your company in the UK come and see our simple quick company formation system at www.millforbusiness.com

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