Information System is more than Computer

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Management Information System becomes very essential for any organization but many of people think that MIS is all about Computer but it is not like that. MIS or any Information System is more than Computer.


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Information System is More Than Computer:

Information System is More Than Computer Prepared By Prof. Milan Padariya MP

1. Key Elements of Organization:

1. Key Elements of Organization Information System changes key elements of organization while computer only facilitate elements of organization MP


Explanation Key Elements People Structure Business processes Politics Culture MP


Cont. Position of people will be changed due to implementation of Information System Structure will be flattened due to Information System Business Processes will be changed when we talk about Information System Political view will be changed due to global opportunities came through Information System Culture will be changed due to global expansion through Information Syste m MP

2. Management Perspective:

2. Management Perspective Information System changes Strategic View of Management while Computer used as filler or Assistance in system MP


Explanation As we know Implementation of Information System is long term planning So, as per planning management should change strategic view. Management should also look out market position and development due to Information System Implementation. MP

IS changes following Management tasks :

IS changes following Management tasks Strategy Formulation Operational Objective Stress Management Training and Development Human Resource Development Global business objective MP

3. Technology:

3. Technology Information Technology changes technological view of organization while computer only facilitate technological change. MP


Explanation As the products and services on the Internet expand every day, your need for new networking and telecommunications technology links just seems to grow and grow . The fastest and biggest change in modern computing is the Internet. To say that the Internet is transforming the way we live, work, and play is probably the greatest understatement in years. Businesses can create new opportunities The World Wide Web allows big companies to act “small” and small companies to act “big.” It has leveled the playing field so entrepreneurs can break into new markets previously closed to them. A Web site, consisting of a few pages or hundreds of pages, enables businesses to get close and stay close to their customers in new ways. It is truly a revolution in our global economy . MP

Technological Changes:

Technological Changes Product and Service Expand Fastest and Biggest Change Increase users on Internet Lots of Information available WWW Good CRM Revolution on global economy MP

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