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MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions has 40 years of experience leads the industry in developing pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast. Please do visit:


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Welcome to MultiDyne ® Video Fiber Optic Systems Award Winning INNOVATION: Trusted by top networks companies and agencies around the world for over 40 years. MultiDyne Video Fiber Optic Solutions has 40 years of experience leads the industry in developing pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast cable satellite production digital cinema pro A/V corporate retail government military and healthcare markets.

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Mini eXchange Converter HDMI  Highly Affordable and Convenient Signal Converters.  The new MultDyneAV Series of compact ProAV signal converters includes an HDMI to 3G HD-SDI version that converts full High Definition HDMI signals to 3G/HD SDI for displaying HDMI signals from cameras computers and other devices within 3G HD-SDI broadcasts and incoming camera signals. The converter features support for up to 8 channels of HDMI embedded audio output one HDMI input port and two 3G/HD SDI outputs.

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Panasonic and Sony RCP SilverBack Cables  Cables are rugged allow for easy field termination to single fiber connectors for Panasonic Cameras with no need for breakout kits.

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Field Fiber Portable Transport Products  Durable and Fully Customizable Offering Virtually Any Signal Combination.- The MultiDyne LiGHTBoX3D is designed for field and harsh environment applications. Typical applications are ENG sports military and any field application where battery powered equipment is required. LiGHTBoX Portable Transport  Fully configurable Most MultiDyne products can be integrated  Extremely rugged case  Run on battery or AC supply. Anton Bauer or IDX mounting plate  Singlemode or multimode configurations  Optical connectors include ST SC LC as well as TFOCA PH Tyco Expanded Beam Neutrik

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SMPTE Fiber HUT Hybrid Receivers Products  Mul tiDyn e ’s Juice-48 is a robust portable power supply allowing users to send signals from the camera up to 300 meters without the need for local power or batteries. It can be built into the camera base stations 1-RU frame or housed separately. When built into the base station it enables simple plug-and-play operation and delivery of up to 100 watts of power to 300 meters. JUICE-48

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Legacy Products: AES-2000  Ideal for the Long-Distance Transmission of Programming Digital Audio Over Fiber.  The AES –2000 AES/EBU digital audio fiber optic transport system is the ideal solution for the long – distance transmission of programming digital audio over fiber. In todays environment longer distances are required for your video and audio signal distribution. The AES –2000 is ideal for all your digital audio distribution needs.

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HD-SDI Video Products: HD-3000  An Economic Solution Designed for Transmission of Dual 3G/HD/SD/ASI TV Signals Over Fiber.  The HD –3000 is an economic solution designed for transmission of Dual 3G/HD/SD/ASI TV signals over fiber optic cable. Stand alone or rack mount configurations simplify mounting.

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HD-SDI Video Products: Silver BULLET  An Economical Solution Designed for High-Quality Transmission of SD HD and 3G 12G SDI Signals on Single Mode Fiber.  The SilverBULLET is designed for simple single hop 3G 12G HD SDI fiber optic runs with a clean signal at the start. The SilverBULLET now ships in a compact pelican style carrying case. The carrying case holds one transmitter one receiver and two power supplies.

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Routing Switchers FiberNet Products: EOS Series  MultiDyne Video Fiber Optic Systems a premier provider of fiber optic –based video and audio transport and routing solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications debuted its EOS –4000 Series fiber –optic switchers now available with SMPTE 3G HD –SDI Re –Clocking Input/Output Blades at IBC 2009 Stand 2.A54. When combined with the MultiDyne SilverBULLET HD –1500 or HD –3000 the EOS –4000 3G SMPTE video electro –optical routing solution provides a complete routing and long –haul distribution system for broadcast medical government and pro a/v applications.  Ideal for Switching DVI Single Dual Link HDMI RGB –HV Digital Video SDI HD –SDI 3G HD –SDI and All Future Standards Up to 10 Gbps.

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 MULTIDYNE - Video and Fiber Optic System  10 Newton Place Hauppauge New York 11788  Ph: 1 877-685-8439  Email:  For more information please visit our website  WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM

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