Forest and wildlife of India,Srilanka ,South America and United kingdo

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PPT presented before the students with a view to give them insight into the forest and wildlife of countries India,Srilanka,South America and United Kingdom.


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Endangered & Extinct Species Of INDIA

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World Endangered Species

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Organisms whose number have declined rapidly and species might be wiped off from the earth in near future are called Endangered Species.

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World Wide Fund for Nature  (WWF) published a book containing the details of endangered and threatened species of Flora and Fauna called as RED DATA BOOK or RED LIST BOOK.

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The RED DATA BOOK symbolizes a warning signal for those species which are endangered and have to be protected. Otherwise they are likely to become extinct in the near future.

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Lion Endangered Species of India Endangered Species of India

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Black Buck Endangered Species of India

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Tiger Endangered Species of India

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Lion Tailed Macaque Endangered Species of India

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Snow Leopard Endangered Species of India

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Red Fox Endangered Species of India

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Red Panda Endangered Species of India

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Nilagiri Langur Endangered Species of India

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Cheetah Extinct Species of India

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Indian Aurochs Extinct Species of India

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Extinct Species of India Malabar Large Spotted Civet

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Extinct Species of India Sumatran Rhinoceros

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Extinct Species of India Sivatherium

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Pink Headed Duck Extinct Species of India

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Sri Lanka spurfowl . Sri Lanka junglefowl . Layard's parakeet. Sri Lanka wood-pigeon. Sri Lanka hanging parrot. Green-billed coucal . Red-faced malkoha . Sri Lanka grey hornbill . ENDEMIC SPECIES OF SRI LANKA

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Nilgiri Tahr . Bengal Tigers. Asiatic Lion. Black Buck. Lion Tailed Macaque . Snow Leopard. Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros. ENDEMIC SPECIES OF INDIA

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Endangered & Extinct Species OF SRI LANKA

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Leatherback turtle Hawksbill Turtle  Critically Endangered species

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  Nillu Rat ( Rattus montanus ) belongs to Rodent   familyMuridae It is found only in Sri Lanka . Critically Endangered species

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Asian Elephant Endangered species

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Blue Whale Endangered species

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Jungle Shrew Kekaart’s Long Clawed Shrew Endangered species

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The purple-faced Leaf Monkey ( Trachypithecus vetulus ) is a species of Old World monkey endemic to Sri Lanka . Endangered species

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T ravancore flying squirrel   (small flying squirrel) is a flying squirrel found in  South India  and Sri Lanka. Travancore flying squirrels were thought to be extinct but were rediscovered in 1989 after a gap of 100 years in Kerala. It was rediscovered in Sri Lanka after 78 years . Endangered species

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Sloth Bear Dhole Vulnerable Species

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Vulnerable Species Sperm Whale Humpback Whale

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World’s Largest Rain forest Amazon Rain Forest (South America)

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Half of the animal species on world is housed by this forest Amazon Forest (South America)

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