Dried Curry Leaf and dehydrated curry leaf powder


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Mevive International Manufacturing and supply the best quality of dehydrated curry leaf and dried curry leaf powder with a best competitive price.


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Dried Curry Leaf / Powder www.dehydratedleaf.com

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Curry Leaf  Curry leaves are normal seasoning operators with various essential medical advantages which make your sustenance both sound and wonderful alongside giving it a lovely smell.  Curry Leaves have a fragrance reminiscent of curry and citrus natural product with a slight and exceptionally mellow unpleasant delayed flavor impression.  They contain different cancer prevention agent properties and can control looseness of the bowels gastrointestinal issues for example heartburn over the top corrosive emission peptic ulcers diarrhea diabetes and an undesirable cholesterol adjust.  They are additionally accepted to have malignancy battling properties and are known to ensure the liver. www.dehydratedleaf.com

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Curry Leaves Nutrition Facts  Carbohydrates  Energy  Fiber  Calcium  Phosphorous  Iron  Magnesium  Copper  Minerals www.dehydratedleaf.com

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Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves  Cure Diarrhea  Fight Cancer  Antioxidant Properties  Gastrointestinal Protection  Anti-diabetic Properties  Lower Cholesterol Levels  Hair Care  Good for Eyesight  Protect the Liver . www.dehydratedleaf.com

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Mevive Deals Curry Leaf/powder  We are a best in the industry of dried leaf ingredients manufacturer and supply to worldwide with on promising time delivery to your door.  We are processing natural curry leaf material in recent technology and very hygienic way.  Our product of dehydrated curry leaf and curry leaf powder will be a one-year shelf life guarantee. For a free sample ping at salesmeviveinternational.com For More About our Dehydrated Leaf Ingredients dehydratedleaf.com mevivefoods.ae www.dehydratedleaf.com

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