Lawn mower Repair in Ashland: Way to Prolong the Life of Your Mower

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The best you can do is ensuring proper maintenance and timely lawn mower repair in Ashland. This, of course, requires some extra effort before, during, and after seasonal changes and past the mowing season. Year by year, you have to graduate to better care, maintenance, and timely and regular damage control. For more information visit,


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Lawn mower Repair in Ashland: Way to Prolong the Life of Your Mower A lawn mower is outdoor equipment that is commonly seen in American households. Most of us would like to increase the lifespan of mowers as much as possible. However as all machines and equipment have a certain lifespan it applies for lawn mowers too. The best you can do is ensuring proper maintenance and timely lawn mower repair in Ashland. This of course requires some extra effort before during and after seasonal changes and past the mowing season. Year by year you have to graduate to better care maintenance and timely and regular damage control. Experts suggest that there are certain ways in which it might be possible to prolong the lifespan of your lawn mower. No matter how old it is it can function like a new one if these following factors are maintained. 10 Ways to Maintain Lawn Mowers and Increase Its Lifespan 1: Check Lubrication Periodically One of the major reasons for lawn mower repair in Ashland is the lack of lubrication. Now since you know it it is very important to ensure that the equipment is thoroughly lubricated. While checking its oil content and maintaining the equipment take care of its engine. The engine needs maximum lubrication. In addition the brakes mower deck and the wheels also need generous lubrication to run smoothly and noiselessly. Consult the owner manual to check how much lubrication is needed at a certain point of time. The amount usually varies from one model to another. If the mower is not lubricated properly it can cause the wheels or mower blades to lock

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up or brakes might stick on the riding mower. While a normal fix is expensive a new mower is definitely a bigger investment. 2: Do Not Use High-Ethanol Fuels While ethanol fuel is highly recommended for lawn mowers it is not the ultimate choice. There have been discussions and debates on this one topic several times and the result is the same. Ethanol ruins the engine if you do not keep up on the same. Well and as you know the engine is crucial and the most expensive component of a lawn mower. If it is damaged only replacement is your option. 3: Pay Attention to Unusual Signs As your health machines and equipment also give certain signs and symptoms that may be quite unusual and unlike normal. Do not overlook any symptoms as it could indicate a major problem. Lingering symptoms usually mean that the problems are worsening. If you do not consider lawn mower repair in Ashland immediately it might lead to repairs that are more expensive in the long run. As a result the lifespan of the lawn mower would also be shortened drastically. 4: Ensure the Blade is Sharp A dull blade is not just bad for the lawn but it also makes the lawn mower work harder to produce quality results. Dull blades cut poorly. As a result you might have to go back to the areas that were already done previously to give it a finishing touch. Moreover the engine would also have to run harder and longer which in turn reduces its lifespan. 5: Use Genuine Replacement Parts If you want to prolong the lifespan of your lawn mower always choose the right and genuine parts for replacement. If you try to save money at the stage of repair and maintenance your mower would die down any day. In the end poorly done repair cannot save the life of your lawn mower. 6: Read the Owner Manual Carefully With respect to the mower you purchased the owner manual contains all the necessary guidelines that you must follow in order to maintain it. No blog or

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article can over the in-depth knowledge of the manual. You can get subtle hints and ideas specific to the model of mower too. 7: Check the Oil Content before Using the Mower It takes barely 30 seconds to check whether there is enough oil in the mower. There is no way you should fail in doing that. So before using the mower regularly check the oil content to make sure the equipment functions properly and does not fail in the middle of the job. 8: Clean the Mower Regularly It is very important to maintain the mower on a regular basis. Dried grass can get everywhere and block the air filter and carburetor of the equipment. Using compressed air you must blow out the compartment of the engine and scrape off all the dried grass. Do not forget to clear all the clumps lying under the deck. Do not store the mower with grass on it. 9: Use the Equipment Carefully Although it is very easy to operate a lawn mower you should pay attention to the minute details and avoid safety hazards. For instance if the mower runs over rocks or bangs into some object it would reduce the longevity of the engine. So pay attention. 10: Always Call Professional for Help If your mower needs immediate repair or maintenance call a professional. Be friendly with the local mower repairperson and learn some tricks from him during free time. For any kind of lawn mower repair in Ashland always call a professional. It is very important to maintain the mower properly in order to prolong its life. Reference URL :

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