American English vs British English

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Here is a list of things for which we use different words in American English and different in British English.


By: russellbarrett1 (89 month(s) ago)

We call the toilet the toilet, Americans call it a restroom, so that's the wrong way round!

By: russellbarrett1 (89 month(s) ago)

A shower in English is a shower not a bath! A bath is a bath, a thing you soak in.

By: rehanayasmeen (111 month(s) ago)

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Slide 1:

American English v s British English

Slide 2:

APARTMENT in American English FLAT in British English

Slide 3:

Second Floor First Floor First Floor Ground Floor British English American English

Slide 4:

American English British English Truck Lorry

Slide 5:

GARDEN in British English YARD in American English

Slide 6:

American English British English No I’m taking a BATH! Are you taking a SHOWER?

Slide 7:

American English British English Restroom Toilet

Slide 8:

American English British English Closet Cupboard

Slide 9:

British English American English Throw RUBBISH / DIRT in the DUSTBIN Throw TRASH / GARBAGE in the TRASH CAN

Slide 10:

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