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Consumer StorageSoftware Challenges: 

Consumer Storage Software Challenges Catharine van Ingen Architect Microsoft Research

Digital media have arrived: 

Digital media have arrived Digital pictures, music, and video are the 'killer app' for consumer storage Last year, the 2007 projection for a 'typical media lover' was 125 GB: 1,000 purchased songs 10,000 subscription songs 40 hours of video 1,000 photographs I made the leap to digital media this year: 6,000 songs (400+ and growing ripped CDs) 40 hours of video (80 GB DVR) 2,400 photographs (5MP)

Hardware magic continues: 

Hardware magic continues 'Personal TB' has arrived Dramatic increase in capacity at constant (or dropping) price Proliferation of form factors from USB keys to home NAS Hybrid disks (and more) on the horizon Dramatically lower power consumption Instant access to data in cache for fast boot DRAM Cache SOIC/ CPU R/W Seek Spindle drive NV Cache Add a non-volatile cache

Software faces new challenges: 

Software faces new challenges Consumers say: Where is that picture/song/TV show? Show me what I want on this device. And don’t bother me with stuff I don’t want. My neighbors don’t need to know. Protect what I want to keep around for later, please. Keep this for my kids when they grow up. I have a new PC, now what about my stuff on the old one? Why isn’t that music playing? I meant to make a copy, but I forgot… Consumers don’t buy 'storage', they buy 'things to hold my stuff.' Consumer products are things that 'do what I want even when I don’t know what it is.'

Translating to techno-speak: 

Translating to techno-speak Security – controlling access Encryption or password protection on mobile devices Limited access to specific assets – and simply Longevity – ensuring long term access Safe storage across media and format generations Secured access to older assets across eons, devices, and locations Mobility – enabling localized access View and update asset across different devices Store asset in the 'right' place(s) Search – simplifying any access Locate asset across different devices Eventually, across different online archives

Distributed assets complicates matters: 

Distributed assets complicates matters My own media is already across: 3 PCs (home PC, media PC, business laptop) Mp3 player DVR (connected to media PC) 3 USB disks for rotating backup Internet photo sharing site Cell phone Camera Internet mail site (including ad hoc backups) Various USB keys (sharing, transport, misc) Desktop-only, device-only, or Internet-only answers don’t make it!

Living long with digital media : 

Living long with digital media Benign neglect worked really well for physical assets. I have books and papers from the 1970s. I can listen to records and CDs from the early 1980s. My digital backups from then are less useful. But I thought they were safe at the time.

Caring for digital media takes work: 

Caring for digital media takes work Benign neglect was so easy. I don’t do anything to keep my old photo albums. I mean to do regular backups, but… The CD I burned on the upstairs PC won’t always read on the downstairs PC.

Backup in Windows Vista: 

Backup in Windows Vista One time simple setup Asset classes (eg pictures and live music) included or excluded Simple recovery Integrated into desktop experience for single files Collection picker for larger restores Uses disk, CD/DVD, or home PC share today, Internet cloud in the future

Consumer investment protection : 

Consumer investment protection Real value of digital media isn’t the cost of the storage Hand edited pictures of parties and outings Songs that played when… Addresses of friends, relatives, tour guides, good eats, Disks, CDs, DVDs fail What does the '1 year' warranty mean when my USB backup disk spends most of it’s time on the shelf? CD I just burned on the upstairs machine won’t read on the downstairs machine, now what?

Disk Failure Diagnostics in Vista : 

Disk Failure Diagnostics in Vista Early warning when hardware may be failing. Before digital assets are lost. Time enough to update latest backup or locate another good copy somewhere else Disk SMART technology used today Working with the storage industry to improve coverage


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