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CSI Keyboards, Inc. 56 Pulaski Street Peabody, MA 01960 (978) 532-8181 CSI Keyboards has been a global leading manufacturer of human machine interface technologies for more than 35 years. CSI was founded in 1982 in Salem, Massachusetts specializing in the design and manufacturing of membrane keyboards, membrane switches and keypads. Outgrowing the Salem location only a couple of years later, CSI moved to a larger facility in Peabody, Massachusetts, where the company still resides, expanding both its manufacturing and front office space.


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Questions to Ask Your Membrane Switch Manufacturer The membrane switches offer flexibility of a tremendous kind. They allow engineers to implement and design a customer experience that is extremely precise. Thus it can be refined for fitting almost any kind of industry. Parameters that are considered by them include application environments surface finishes tactile and visual feedback graphic overlays and physical design. The freedom granted by it is a major reason as to why engineers are investing so much of their time thinking about membrane switch. Engineers care less about partners that may have assisted them in developing it. However the selection of the Membrane Switch Manufacturer is one of the most critical factors that determine a product’s success. In order to make the perfect choice here are the questions that must be asked to a manufacturer of membrane switches. Can the manufacturer make design investments Answer to this firstly depends on whether or not suppliers have on-staff and in-house engineering resources. Many customers have reduced the staff of design engineering dramatically. Others have opted to focus more on the engineering personnel working on the final product thus leaving the details of component to the partners of supply chain. With expertise comes onus for helping with designing the components. Hence if you trust the suppliers for specific kind of expertise then you must find out their willingness to spend on design efforts. Before the beginning of a project the feasibility of the Membrane Switch manufacturer has to be determined. These include requirements of performance cost constraints manufacturability’s implications for the durability and visual appearance. How do the manufacturers handle prototyping Whenever talking to any supplier of membrane switches there are critical factors that need to be addressed. These include effectiveness and speed. Both of these must ne not mutually exclusive. Prototyping rapidly from sub-standard stuffs represents facsimile of a real part that will get one to fit and not function. To see whether the process of rapid prototyping can be well managed the in-house capabilities have to be looked after. In the arena of membrane switches material management design expertise customized assembly stations laser cutting and digital printing contribute to an excellent product. Finally there must be some point of controlling cost. A Membrane Switch Manufacturer shall work with parameters of standard timing and predictable pricing. What is the manufacturer doing for optimizing efficiencies As a reputable OEM you will never want to hear receiving batch of components that are bad. To help in avoiding unwelcome surprises like these the partners have to be looked for especially those that have embraced philosophy of lean manufacturing. This kind of manufacturing is more about motion and time. Anything that suppliers do for reducing motion and time shall reduce inefficiencies mistakes and costs. These manufacturing efforts may involve personnel development and capital improvements. A few questions like are they participating actively inc certification processes do they want own partners of supply chain and many more must be asked to your Membrane Switch Manufacturer. If they are able to answer these questions then that shall go the longest way in determining how better a partner they shall be in posterity.

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Reasons to choose the correct Membrane KeypadFor Higher Usability Designing a product that is effective requires an intensively thorough planning for every component that is present in the product. This is inclusive of a keypad. Some of the manufacturers assume about all keypads being the same but that is not necessarily true. Even if there exists a fundamental principle which remains same- that is to allow input of the commands through pressing keys there are some subtle differences that exist. These differences never go unnoticed. A Membrane Keypad for example comprises of keys that have been embedded into the pressure pads with symbols only printed on a surface. Integration ease Choosing an appropriate Membrane Keypad allows for seamless integration. This integration is usually with product that is being respectively. If by any chance one selects a keypad that is wrong then it may not or may fit beautifully. In case it does not the product can remain faulty. Membrane keypad that has been customized shall seamlessly integrate well into a product permitting for functional and smooth operation. Ergonomics and comfort Undoubtedly a Membrane Keypad’s comfort also plays a major role with the effectiveness it has when used with the respective product. When the keypad is awkwardly shaped or is rugged it might create discomfort for end-users. This poses to have an extremely negative effect on the whole product. On the other hand when an appropriate membrane keypad is used it eliminates an issue like this. When ultra-comfortable ergonomic input method is offered with spaced out keys problems like these never arise. Durability and strength One of the prime reasons of choosing the right kind of Membrane Keypad is that some have been found to be more durable and stronger than others. Granted that all these keypads are way stronger when compared to mechanical traditional keypads but others do possess unmatched durability and strength. This is very important when it is being used in some of the products receiving regular wear/use as it always ensures a longer life. They are going to last without undergoing any damage or breaking down. Reliability An important element arguably has to be reliability. Whenever you are pressing a specific button you will always desire that the respective machine or product registers that key press. If by any chance it fails registering or it suddenly registers a separate key press- entire product gets broken. After a debacle like this it cannot be used like it was intended to. Therefore choosing an appropriate membrane keypad ensures higher degree of reliability. An insight on the way this keypad works Keyboards have deeply integrated into the daily schedule of the average person so much so that it is nearly impossible carrying out work on any electronic device without utilizing them. Joysticks for games remote controls calculators computers ATM machines and so on cannot function without them. Many types of these certain kind are available and you can get them from different manufacturers. They follow the same common principle that is exactly similar to a typical switch of the circuit. Principle is very simple and that is- no need of any source of power for building a keypad power is a necessity only for using it.

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Why Should You Use A Rubber Keypad If you cannot seem to make a decision about what type of keypads are going to be perfect for your business then you need to know a few details. Silicone-rubber is considered the most popular choice and for best reasons. These keypads are made of very high quality and standard grade silicone as well as rubber materials. They have been so designed so that they can easily withstand daily tear and wear. Whether it is a retail outlet hospital or a manufacturing plant etc one can be confident about the rubber keypads holding up with a lot of stress. Of course this one is just single one out of the numerous benefits they have to offer. They are all as follows. Dustproof and waterproof The rubber Custom Keypad is naturally dust proof and waterproof. Membrane on this one is ultra-durable and it prevents intrusion of any kind. The intrusions can be in the form of micro-particles dust and moisture that protect respective devices from getting damaged. This makes the rubber ones a widely popular choice in the busiest commercial settings like factories.It is in these factories that dust and moisture run rampant. The comfort Comfort is one of the key selling points when you are choosing keypads. If a keypad is rough excessively hard or has not been designed in a manner that is ergonomic then certainly it shall not serve the roles intended. Thankfully a Rubber Keypad offers exceptional comfort level. It features smooth and soft keys which impart enjoyment when pressed. Most people have agreed that rubber keypads significantly are more comfortable for pressing and using than the plastic. Enhanced options If the rubber keypads are purchased through renowned companies and sellers then you can make the most of the enhanced options. These options include epoxy encapsulation high- gloss choice of a variety of finishes laser-etched graphics hard-key feeling multi-hardness materials. Options as enhanced as these add new level of dynamics to keypads. Therefore it improves functionality and aesthetics. To have additional information on the keypads inclusive of instructions or how they can be ordered you can browse through the internet. Supports HMIs without or with Back lighting Key benefits that are offered by rubber keypads have the ability to support interfaces of human machine HMI without or with back lighting. Some of the HMIs use the back lights for illuminating an interface whereas the others rely on the external lighting strictly. Irrespective of whether HMI uses backlighting or not rubber keypads shall continue functioning as intended. The keypads made of rubber possess the capability to support without back-lighting or HMIs. Match the performance needs Rubber always takes the center stage when it comes to traditional keypads made of plastic. They have been so designed through injection and compression molding which match the performance needs and design demands of the customers. This is the reason they are used in medical devices machinery and equipment controls. Most customers have loved them because of they match the aesthetics that they dreamt about.

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Advantages Of A Membrane Switch In The Medical Electronics Field With largest number of options in the user interface available today it is quite easy to bet as to why a Membrane Switch has been considered to be an excellent medical instrumentation choice. Basic benefits continue to remain the same as they used to be some few decades back when these switches became a choice interface for many products. These products include automotive controls industrial controllers high-end appliances games and toys. The advantages have only enhanced with development ion design expertise processes and materials. Applications of the switches are best suited for the field of medical electronics that are limited to smaller or specific number of uses. They are suitable particularly for medical handheld applications as well as the portable devices that are RoHS compliant easy-to-clean low profile and lightweight. Cleanliness Antimicrobial film recently was developed so that it can be used in the typical applications of Membrane Switch. It is available commercially can be utilized for applications of clear windows. Some manufacturers provide description like the technology getting incorporated into hard textured coat during the process of manufacturing. a process like this ensures that antimicrobial agent is evenly distributed throughout the surface of hard textured film and coat. Whenever the bacterial comes in contact with the technology the function of anti- microbes disrupts killing of the bacterial cell walls. It can also result in bacterial growth getting inhibited. Film surface of the technology provides constant and dependable protection against any kind of bacterial contamination. Graphics The major benefit of any graphic overlay on medical instruments is the ability of it to be visualized in a radius of one eighty degrees. Other lights that are Functional indicators and warning lights can be seen from a specific distance at different angles. Touch screens usually do not present similar signal identification or detection ease. As topmost layer of Membrane Switch graphic overlay often is the interface between end user and product. Besides the switch’s obvious functioning it can serve purposes like differentiation and product enhancement. The color palette is essentially unlimited and with this graphic overlay presents highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing characteristics to any product. Sealability The biggest threat to any kind of interface for users is the water risk or chemical ingress inside the cavity of the switch. A Membrane Switch is sealed against different kinds of environments that are encountered typically in industry of portable medical device. This can well be achieved with a gasket within or sealing of the full perimeter. With perfect material choices and proper design the switch can seal enclosure upon which it gets mounted as well as sealed against environment. A membrane switch that is sealed provides status indication that is highly visible through surface mounted low profile LEDs. Shielding The membrane switches are known to protect against ESD or electrostatic discharge. Inner layer that is part of the switch assembly may take discharges like these to ground. Double- sided circuitry of the polymers provide path to the ground as a segment of switch circuitry. Shielding can be generally accomplished without any compromise on the switch’s aesthetics or performance.