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Basic Skills Training Prospecting By Coach Melva Licayan Brilliant Diamonds IN10CT


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New Distributor’s Orientation Basic Skills Training:

New Distributor’s Orientation Basic Skills Training Prospecting By Coach Melva A. Licayan Brilliant Diamonds IN10CT

Our Mission:

Our Mission To educate and to inform the people About the HEALTH benefits and Business Opportunity of USANA NOT to recruit and not to sell We WON’T force them to buy and join us

The Basic Skills Training:

The Basic Skills Training Five Fingers Prospecting Inviting Presenting ABC Rule Closing and Follow Up


Prospecting List down all the people who can help us build this business Do not pre-judge, we never know who will be successful and willing to do business with us. Share the opportunity to everyone. This is very important in our business, we cannot function without it.


Prospecting It is very hard to market if you don’t know whom to talk to Be friendly and SMILE, it’s a big asset Make this list as extensive as possible, reaching more than 200 people


Assignment Have yourself at least three notebooks (for Prospect List, Skills Training & Product Training) In creating your prospect list: List down the people whom you know, these are WARM Market Then, the COLD Market (the people you don’t know) Make it a habit to bring you Prospect List with you and constantly add names to your list


Assignment Develop the habit of exchanging a calling card or contact information with one or two persons daily. A good marketer is one who can also sponsor strangers. Remember, a stranger is a friend you have not met yet.


How to make your Prospect List F = Family and Friends R = Relatives O = Officemates N = Neighbors A = Affiliations C = Classmates and Church mates S = Strangers Where to find people? From FRONACS


From the 200 people that you have in your list, qualify your top 20 prospects. These are the people falling in these categories: P E A R L S P People Oriented, people with positive outlook E Entrepreneur (business minded people) A Achiever R Recognizable (people who loves recognition) L Leader (an organizer, politician, etc) S Successful people The 200 People in Your List


In your top 20, prioritize the people using the CMANA Guideline o Name C M A N A Phone Alex ok ok ok ok ok - Ana ok ok ok X ok - Andy ok ok X X ok - In Making your Prospect List Legend: C = has Credit Card N = Need M = has Money A = Accessibility A = Authority


Prospect List Format: Name > Contact Number> FRONACS>PEARLS>CMANA >Remarks/Schedule Sheet of that format will be given by your upline . Ask for it.

Office Flow Chart:

Office Flow Chart Inform upline that you have a guest at least a day before Tour the guest at the 24 th floor, Introduce the founder, Dr. Myron Wentz Introduce the receptionists The Product Claim Counter The IT Hub

Office Flow Chart:

Office Flow Chart The Training Rooms Find your Uplines or Crossline to open mind Present the Company, Products & Compensation Plan Find someone to do the closing Follow up Pay in

Office Flow Chart:

NDO your new business partner Introduce him/her to the office and uplines …. Introduce him/her to the team (IN10CT) Repeat the Cycle Office Flow Chart

Write your Goals for the week/month:

Write your Goals for the week/month Pray about it for wisdom and God’s direction to accomplish them all