Costumes, Hair and makeup survey

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Costumes, Hair and makeup survey:

Costumes, Hair and makeup survey Melissa King


Question one answers After asking ten participants what they expect to see on a protagonist. White coloured clothes got 5 votes, as it insinuates ‘innocence and purity within the protagonist’. Moreover, 3 people stated the stereotypical superhero feature of the capes. However as we’re aiming for a spy genre, we will instead use leather jackets to portray the characters instead of capes; leather got 2 votes, thus people still thought it was suitable for the action adventure protagonist genre. Moreover, 3 people suggested bright colours, however due to the fact it was an everyday situation before she got captured, therefore we wanted a more natural look for the protagonist ; we will use the two colours of white and black, so the white will portray the innocence, and the black to link her and her sister together. Moreover, the converse coincides with the natural look, thus the two votes will reinforce the idea; we will use these as the costumes for the protagonist.

Question two answers :

Question two answers Typically a protagonist clothing item, the cape obtained no votes for the antagonist’s clothes. However black clothing and leather was proven to be the most dominant idea with 11 votes altogether. Thi s will ensure us that we will use these factors for our antagonist, as traditional action adventure films have these factors within the film. We want to ensure that the film looks as realistic as possible, thus we do not want to subvert the traditional action adventure genre too much, however some factors will be slightly contrasted. Additionally, to portray mystery and the ominous nature of the antagonist, the mask obtained 2 votes . In the beginning, we wil l ‘mask’ the antagonist with the hoodie, so she blends in with the other antagonist, however also hiding her face to convey mystery: the audience is unaware of who she will be after she’s ‘unmasked’. Moreover, as bright colouring has positive connotation, we will not use bright colours for the antagonist; the audience also confirmed this idea. Additionally, wearing boots got one vote, which conveys how they see the antagonist as sophisticated, practical and stylish. The boots represents danger, as stereotypically it conveys rebellion.

Question three answers :

Question three answers Participants stated how they’d expect to mostly see hoodies on a henchmen, with 40% of those surveyed, stating how hoodies are the most practical for henchmen. Moreover, 10% stated how they would hav e the henchmen masked, which is similar to our idea of having the hoods up on the hoodies to hide parts of their faces, this ensures that the identities of the henchmen are hidden. It also portrays mystery in the character; the audience wonders who they are. 10% of participants suggested a trench coat, however we felt it looked too much like a stereotypical detective coat, thus we disregarded the suggestion. Additionally, 30% stated how henchmen wore suits. In our film, we wanted the henchmen to be mysterious and ominous instead of smartly dressed, thus we decided to use the hoodies, which the majority of participants suggested.


Question four answers Signifiers give the character a backstory and also conveys the personality of the character. Half of the participants surveyed stated that the heart necklace would be the best signifier for the protagonist. This portrays how Lucy’s necklace means a lot to her: it was given to her by her brother whom she hasn’t seen in years. Additionally, due to the positive connotations of white, the white t-shirt was the second highest in votes; it portrays the protagonist’s innocence. The backpack and leather jacket got one vote each; this conveys the every day style we wished to portray Lucy as having, as we want to make the capturing look unexpected. The backpack is a usual everyday item to carry crucial items. The leather jacket conveys how she is strong, independent and links her with her sister, as she eventually assists her sister, despite Lauren being the antagonist.


The signifier for the antagonist which got the most votes was the sunglasses, with 50% of the participants stating how it would be the most interesting signifier that they’d be most entertained by. Additionally, th e leather jacket got 20% of the votes, suggesting how the audience enjoy the antagonist to have an edge to their look, as leather typically has derogatory connotations. Moreover, the ankle boots also got 20% of votes, which coincides with the connotations of the leather boots. The two clothing items complement each other well, as they suggest rebellion and trouble. We will use these items as the characteristics are those we require in the antagonist. Black clothing received 10% of votes, suggesting negative connotations of danger and death, thus conveying the intentions of the antagonist. We will use all of these factors suggested by the audience, as they expect these factors in the genre we want to create, thus will use all of the suggestions for the costume of the antagonist. The main factor we will use as the signifier will be the sunglasses as it builds mystery in the character, as if she is hiding from certain elements in her life. This builds upon the character and the ominous characteristics created for the antagonist. Question five answers


The majority of participants surveyed stated how white would be the main colour they’d expect an action adventure protagonist to wear, due to the connotations of innocence and purity that we wish to convey to the audience. 70% of those surveyed thought white would be the most relevant colour, therefore we will use the white top to contrast with the other clothing items to reinforce her harmlessness compared to the antagonist and henchmen. However 10% stated red due to the equally negative connotations of danger, however we feel that the colour is too bright for the story; we wanted to use plain colours so it doesn’t distract away from the signifier of the necklace. Additionally 10% of participants suggested black; we will be using black with the jacket, shoes and jeans. The contrast will complement the look and give her a natural style, however also has positive connotations with the white; conveying innocence, however also the negative connotations with the black inferring how she will subvert her values in order to find her beloved, lost brother . Question six answers


80% of people surveyed stated they’d mostly expect antagonists of action adventure films to wear black coloured clothing, as stereotypically in the genre, they will wear dark coloured clothes to disguise themselves from others, yet also convey their dangerous elements to the audience and the characters. Black conveys power, thus the antagonists wants to represent themselves as the dominant characters. The remaining 20% stated they’d mainly expect red. Similarly to those who voted red for the protagonist, we wanted to keep the costumes simple with simplistic colours that doesn’t distract away from the signifiers, therefore we will keep it simple in colours, with the juxtaposing colours on each character: the antagonist will only wear black, whereas the protagonist will wear elements of white. This ensures the characters obtain their typical status: the protagonist will represent innocence whereas the antagonist will represent death and danger. Within the two questions, it is distinct how the audience is aware of the juxtaposing clothing to convey the personalities of the characters: they’re aware that antagonists typically wear black whereas protagonists wear white. This conveys how the audience expects the stereotypical outfits for the genre. Question seven answers


Question eight answers Giving an image of The Hunger Games’ alpha female, Katniss Everdeen, I then proceeded to ask what feature of the protagonist’s clothes they felt stood out to them more to build the character’s status. A split in the audience was apparent, as 40% of participants stated how it was the dark clothes, whereas another 40% stated that it was the leather jacket that stood out to convey her mostly as an alpha female. This is a similar look to what we want our protagonist to look like. The leather conveys power and strength; we do not want our protagonist to seem like a damsel in distress, therefore using the black and leather to juxtapose with the white breaks up the negative connotations, however makes her seem strong. Moreover, another participant stated the natural look created more of a protagonist look, as she isn’t heavily made up, thus looking strong and powerful. However, another participant suggested how the prop of arrows made her seem strong as that is her signature weapon and also portrays her strength and ferocity as people do not want to antagonise her due to her talent with the arrows. In our opening sequence for our film, we will use the dark clothes, leather jacket and natural look for our protagonist as we feel these are the features apparent in most action adventure films for the alpha female protagonist. The arrows will be irrelevant to our character, thus we chose not to incorporate them into our film.


Question nine answers James Bond’s femme fatale, Severine , is the character used in the survey to question the participants at what they thought stood out most to them. Due to her dark makeup, sophisticated, black and leather clothing, we used her to represent the stereotypical female antagonist in action adventure films. 80% of those asked stated how the black clothing represented her the best, as it is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery, all of which conveys Severine’s personality in the James Bond films. These are also the same connotations we wish for our antagonist to replicate, therefore having similar colour clothing with similar materials (such as leather) will reinforce the stereotype and convey the power of the antagonist. On the other hand, another participant stated that the clothes were sophisticated, thus reinforcing the idea of the elegancy of the character, despite her ominous ways. Moreover, another participant concluded that the jewellery stood out the most in the female antagonist as it reinforces the sophistication however also stands out as it is statement jewellery, thus reinforcing how she expects to be noticed, thus emphasising the flamboyant nature of antagonists.


Question ten answers The hair of the protagonist is important as the audience will be able to deduce and recognise the character’s intentions through the stereotypes of the typical action adventure protagonist. Asking 10 participants, I found that 70% of participants stated that loose curls would be most appropriate for the character we wanted to build, which was a natural, positive protagonist in the action adventure film genre. The loose curls represents the innocence within the character, as straight hair or slicked back hair his usually the style that villains have their hair. However, 20% of participants stated that the protagonist should have her hair up in a ponytail, as they feel that it is ‘practical, as she is ready for action.’ however, we felt this is more of an antagonist’s hairstyle. On the other hand, one person stated that it should be fully curled, as curly hair conveys youth, thus having connotations of innocence, and young children are associated with innocence, therefore using curly hair will portray her innocence. However we wanted the protagonist to be shown with a darker side, as she eventually agrees to help the antagonist, thus we chose a style in between the straight and curly, which was loose curls, which the majority of the participants stated that they’d prefer. With the results, we will ensure the protagonist will wear natural, slightly curled hair. It is a typical every day hairstyle to represent how she is a normal person, with a supernatural background.


Similarly to the question of the protagonist’s hairstyle, I then proceeded to ask about the antagonist’s hairstyle. Unlike the protagonist, there are two options that the audience opted for, which was straight or up in a ponytail. As stated before, these hairstyles are typically associated with derogatory connotations, thus using the styles as the antagonist’s hair- style, represents the evil within her as the hairstyles are neat and organised, thus conveying the characteristics of the antagonist, as she wants things to be all in order. 70% of the participants stated that the antagonist should wear her hair up in a ponytail slicked back. Alternatively, the remaining 3 participants stated how it should be straight. Nevertheless, both of the hairstyles are typical antagonist hairstyles, due to the pragmatic, serious style which conveys how she will take the straight-forward approach, and attempts to be the dominant character. Question eleven answers


Makeup is a crucial element to an action adventure film, as the audience will be able to deduce the status of a character, and whether they’re a positive or negative character. In the protagonist, 90% of participants stated how they’d expect light makeu p throughout on the protagonist to infer her natural look, thus representing her innocence. The remaining 10% stated bow she should wear light eye makeup and dark lips to convey her edgy side, however due to the fact the antagonist will be wearing dark red lipstick, we do not want a similar look for the protagonist as we want to contrast their looks. We will use the light makeup to represent how she is the protagonist as it conveys that she is natural and innocent compared to the heavily made up antagonist. Question twelve answers


The participants would expect heavy makeup on the antagonist as they feel that it is the most practical for the main femme fatal. 90% of the participants stated heavy makeup was most appropriate for a female antagonists, as the dark eyes will give her an ominous look. The darkness conveys her negative ways, thus foreshadowing her derogatory mannerisms. Moreover, as eyes are typically known through the idiom ‘windows of the soul’ the darkness surrounding the eyes emphasises her darkness inside; portraying how she is evil. It is typical of the action adventure genre to have the female antagonist heavily made up with red or dark lips. The red lips has connotations of danger, thus the red lips emphasises a warning to others. Moreover, 10% of participants asked stated how they’d expect dark eyes with light lips. However, due to the connotations with the red lips, and the typical action adventure femme fatale, we wanted to replicate the characteristics of the characters, thus we will use the stereotypes of the genre: most people voted for the heavy makeup. Question thirteen answers