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Audience Research and survey:

Audience Research and survey Melissa King

Audience survey:

Audience survey A fter asking several participants, I used a survey to determine what the audience expected and enjoyed from their favourite films, especially from the action adventure genre, which is the chosen genre for our film ‘Eleven’. Action adventure is a universal genre, which both males and females of all age groups enjoy, thus we decided to set our film in this genre. I created a survey on Microsoft word, printed the questionnaire and gave 5 on paper, and 5 was created on ‘Survey Monkey’ and given to participants of mixed genders.

Question one answers:

Question one answers After asking 10 participants their preferred genre of films, 50% of the participants stated they enjoyed action. This is suitable for our genre, as our film is an action adventure hybrid, thus the majority of our audience enjoys action, thus would be interested in watching our film. These people stated they enjoyed action adventure as it is gripping to them; it keeps them entertained throughout the film. They enjoy the suspense and stunts that feature in the film, therefore we will try and input those factors into our opening sequence to engage the audience and keep them entertained. 40% of the audience asked enjoy comedy and horror. They state this due to the fact they like to laugh for the comedy; they mostly enjoy slapstick humour. Whereas in horror, they enjoy being frightened and kept on the edge of their seats. Due to the fact our genre we opted to chose is action, we will use the feedback of the audience in order to keep them entertained and interested.

Question two answers:

Question two answers After asking the participants their favourite genre, I asked the audience for their least favourite, so we can stay away from the genre, and also not pick the genre as a hybrid. The majority of participants stated they do not enjoy romance, as they feel it is boring and predictable. Sport, Anime, Westerns and horror all got one vote; sci-fi got two. With the audience’s least favourite genres, we are aware of what the participants dislike, thus we picked a genre that everybody enjoyed. People disliked the gore and blood associated with horror films, therefore we will not import any gore into the film, as the participants stated their dislike with it. Moreover, Western films, a participant felt was boring, therefore we will neglect any W estern type themes. Additionally, sci-fi two participants stated how it was extravagant and unrealistic.

Question three answers:

Question three answers Stunts and the location of the film proved to be most important to the audience in the opening sequences of action adventure films. However, due to safety, we did not input any stunts into the sequence, instead we did apply location; we used establishing shots of Big Ben and the London Eye to create an interesting opening sequence, yet also locates the setting of the film. 10% of participants also stated how they thought dialogue was crucial to the opening sequence. We have henceforth used half of the opening sequence with dialogue where the protagonist speaks to the antagonist, who attempts to persuade Lucy to help her. Moreover, 10% of participants said props were most important. We used the props of drugs, the coffee cup and the CCTV image of the brother.; this makes the opening intriguing to the audience. The ‘drugs’ will be put into the coffee to make the protagonist fall asleep, who subsequently gets transferred to the secluded building of the antagonist’s headquarters, where she then shows the protagonist the CCTV image. Moreover, the costumes got the remaining 10% of the votes. The characters wearing the hoodies creates mystery: the audience is aware of them, however the protagonist isn’t. It builds tension in the audience as stereotypically, people in hoodies are dangerous.

Question four answers:

Question four answers 60% of participants asked voted that for an action adventure film, the music should be techno based and upbeat. Therefore we will use this information for our opening, and create an upbeat piece of music, however we will also include ominous tones and layers to reinforce the genre, as four participants stated they preferred this type of music. We will include the eerie and mysterious music in the beginning to build tension, then eventually increase the tempo into an upbeat tune. This is similar to the usual action adventure genre, as it usually begins slower then increases in tempo, which creates mystery and tension within the audience. The different layers will prove to be successful as all participants asked would prefer the two pieces of music, thus putting both into the opening sequence will ensure all participants will enjoy the music.

Question five answers:

Question five answers Half of the participants asked stated that they preferred an explode in effect credit for the title of ‘Eleven’. 30% of participants stated a fade in and out would be more suitable, whereas the remaining stated slide in from the side would be best for an action adventure genre. We will use these results when deciding what credits we will use. We may use all three different transitions for different credits. However the explosion would be most suitable for the title of ‘Eleven’. However to break up each transition, we will use all three of these for each credit to gain attention in the audience and make it more interesting. However it will also coincide with what is occurring in the opening, for instance walking scenes, the slide in would be more appropriate as it reinforces the action of the characters.

Question six answers:

Question six answers The majority of participants (6) stated how they would expect white writing in an action adventure film. This is stereotypical of the action adventure film genre, as it is eye-catching, as typically the images are dark, thus the white pops out onto the screen. On the other hand, two people said black, however due to the dark backgrounds, we will dismiss these suggestions as the audience will be unable to notice the credits. Moreover, one person stated they would recommend multi-coloured, however we felt this was too cheery for the genre we were creating. Moreover, another participant stated they would suggest red writing due to the connotations of red. However we still want to coincide with the typical action adventure conventions with white writing, as what 60% of participants suggested, therefore we shall write our credits in white, sans serif writing.

Question seven answers:

Question seven answers The ambient sound the participants mostly stated that is associated with the action adventure genre is cars. To put in the background of the soundtrack, we will import all of these suggestions into the film. We will record mostly cars and pedestrians for the background sound of our opening sequence, this will ensure of more of a natural film look, however also setting the location, as it is located in a busy area, thus we shall put in the ambient sounds in the background of the music to increase tension, but also to locate the audience in London, which is a busy, built up area. However, due to birds having serene connotations, we will not use the ambient sound of birds, as it is not the emotion we wish to create in the audience: we wish to build tension.

Question eight answers:

Question eight answers 100% of participants stated an urban area (such as London) would be most appropriate for our chosen genre. This is a crucial element to our filming, as we wanted to reinforce the typical action adventure genre location areas, such as the urban areas, as suggested. Stereotypically, the seaside and countryside is used for calmer situations, such as rom-coms, romance, comedy dramas etc … Therefore, we wanted to build the eerie sensation with the location in an urban area. We will use the urban area to display and explore exotic locations within Westminster, such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament etc … These will ultimately engage the audience as they can locate the area as well as have interesting landmarks which pans across the city.

Question nine answers:

Question nine answers Two people suggested American states of Las Vegas and New York as they stated it would be ‘interesting with lots of good buildings’. However due to budget, time, equipment and convenience, we had to neglect these ideas, and instead film in the biggest city more local to us. We henceforth have decided to film in London instead. Despite the two comments of filming in Las Vegas and New York, the location of London predominantly conquered the question: 8 participants stated how London would be most intriguing in the opening sequence as they found it ‘entertaining and suitable for the genre’. We therefore have made the decision to film in London as it is most convenient however we can also obtain crucial establishing shots of the area, which also makes it interesting to watch.

Question ten answers:

Question ten answers Giving the participants an open question, as to what they believe makes a stereotypical protagonist, the majority stated some characteristics includes kind and intelligent, which got the highest amount of votes. The next h ighest was tough and strong; then helpful; attractive; resourceful, independent and confident. The audience asked believes these are the main characteristics that are apparent in an action adventure protagonist. We will convey these personality traits in our opening sequence to ensure the stereotypical conventions of the hero in an action film. Despite getting captured, we will ensure the confidence and tough nature of the protagonist is apparent through the use of mise en scene, camera, and editing to ensure of more of a typical and traditional action adventure film.

Question eleven answers:

Question eleven answers After asking what the participants thought the protagonist’s characteristics should be, I then further asked what they thought what the antagonist’s personality should be. 6 votes were for cunning and evil, which is distinctly a main characteristic for a stereotypical action adventure antagonist. Furthermore, other traits that were apparent are intelligent, intimidating, sarcastic, witty and rude. These features are evident in the dialogue scenes where Lauren antagonises Lucy and makes her feel uncomfortable. Antagonists also start as the dominant character compared to the hero, however we will subvert the traditional action adventure traditions; we will make them equal as they work together to find their brother. However Lauren, the antagonist will have the derogatory traits as she is primarily the antagonist: she is the ringleader in the evil ‘Supernatural’ group.

Question twelve answers:

Question twelve answers In order to complete a realistic and entertaining opening sequence, to replicate the success of certain films, I have subsequently asked participants their favourite opening sequence. 3 people stated they enjoyed the CGI of the James Bond films, as they were ‘creative and engaging’. Alternatively, 3 films including Lucy, Divergent and Mission Impossible all got 2 votes each. For our title of ‘Eleven’ we wanted a similar style to Divergent, therefore the approval of 2 participants reinforced our idea. Moreover, the film is similar to Xmen , therefore looking at the opening sequence to analyse the similarities yet also the differences and what makes it interesting is a vital part for deducing our final opening sequence.

Audience research:

Audience research T ypically in action adventure films, the audience are of the young adults – adults age range, from 12-45. They are also typically be aspirers in the socio-demographic chart, as they wish to be those they see on the television and in films. Due to the sheer amount of action and stunts occurring in the film, this appeals mostly to men, however women can also enjoy the action in the films. Using the survey, we can now deduce what would be the best for our opening sequence; what the audience would mainly prefer and expect from the genre that we chose and the genre most participants enjoyed the most.

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