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Website plan:

Website plan Melissa King

Website Plan:

Website Plan The planned website features several anchors which are all located underneath each feature for ease of access to everything on the website. The first part of the screen would show the title of the film, with the slogan underneath so the audience are aware of the film. Beneath that, the trailer is located and will play once the audience clicks the ‘play’ button. The next anchor is ‘The Story’; the audience can read part of the plot of the film so that they are more enticed to watch the entire film. Photos are also shown within this, to give the audience more of an in depth feel to the storyline, ultimately intriguing them further. By doing this, the audience may feel a deeper connection with the characters and the plot, which is typical in many websites as it develops a relationship with the target audience before they watch the entire film. Furthermore, the next anchor features the gallery of photos of the making and development of ‘The Laboratory’, which allows the audience more information on the film as they have more background knowledge. Lastly, the ‘Cast and Crew’ further gives the audience more information of the actors and the cast within the film, thus ensuring that they may follow those involved in making ‘The Laboratory’ on social media, which enables them to gain more information on their role in the film.