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Final Website :

Final Website Melissa King

Final Website:

Final Website The final website looks authentic, and has conventions similar to genuine film websites, such as The Age of Adeline’s website. The colour scheme we used represents the colours used within the trailer (black, white, red and blue), therefore the cross-media convergence with all our media is shown throughout, indicated by the trailer on the website, the links to the social media, magazines and posters, all of which follow similar conventions of the postmodern genre, including the colour scheme. Thus, connecting each media that we created for ‘The Laboratory’ to ensure that it seems authentic, and so the audience can follow the film and actors on social media, as well as reading other articles on the website and the magazine to give them more knowledge on the film, therefore possibly making them want to find out more by watching the entire film. By creating interactive articles such as ‘The Story’ and ‘Meet the cast’, this enables the audience to read more into the film, thus feel a connection with the plot and the characters, which is useful for a film’s website, and are also articles that genuine and established film websites have.