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Poster Plan:

Poster Plan Melissa King

Poster Plan:

Poster Plan The poster I created portrays the protagonist’s two lives of disabled and supernatural to infer that her disabled self is ‘looking in’ at herself in the supernatural life in order to distinguish what is occurring and why she has (what she thinks) 2 lives. Therefore, by portraying her 2 alternative lives, this further emphasises her fragmented self and alternate realities that she lives. The base image of her looking out to sea is not conveyed within the trailer to suggest the vast reasons for the protagonist having two lives, which she has to find out, thus the vast extent of the sea is a metaphor for the endless possibilities of having both lives that she thinks she lives – without being aware of her genuine, lab life. By following conventions such as the billing block at the bottom, the title, tag line and names of actors, this ensures that the poster looks authentic to the audience and gives all the information needed, for example when it is released and who is in the film. This allows the audience to research the film for more information (through social media and the website) therefore they can engage with the film before it is released to ensure the target audience is more inclined to watch the film by this advertising.