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SLU ORLD 5000 Inquiry Topic Balanced Scorecard


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Balanced scorecard use in Nonprofits:

Balanced scorecard use in Nonprofits Melissa L Edmiston ORLD 5000

Topic Selection- Balanced scorecard:

Topic Selection- Balanced scorecard Importance of robust nonprofit strategic planning Tools used within my own organization Sector trend for nonprofits to learn from businesses and vice versa Implications for data collection, measurement, and monitoring and evaluation

Balanced Scorecard overview:

Balanced Scorecard overview

Literature Review Overview:

Literature Review Overview What it the balanced scorecard ( bsc )? How is it used in traditional business management? Shifting landscape of nonprofits Uses/examples within nonprofits

Open Systems Framework:

Open Systems Framework BSC encourages organizations to look at both internal and external factors at work Can take environmental context and transform it in to meaningful information

Theory of change (TOC):

Theory of change (TOC) A theory of change is a visual map of a program or intervention, linking activities with outcomes and long-term impact Strong theories of change focus on causal linkages, clearly tracing how the programmatic activities will effectively lead to the planned outcomes

TOC Utilization :

TOC Utilization Developed at the beginning of a project Use a backward mapping approach Flexible format Informs indicator selection and measurement Identify assumptions/context


https:// /lab-notes/what-thing-called-theory-change


https:// /news-ideas/resource/ ccrp -theory-change/


https:// /lab-notes/what-thing-called-theory-change

Personal reflections:

Personal reflections Strategy and measurement are linked Look at a balance of factors Consider the entire organization Build evidence within nonprofit sectior

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