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For patients suffering from mobility issues, commode seats are crucial equipment for support. These individuals may need help every time they are in the bathroom due to discomfort. They do not find rest in multiple positions and could get agitated and frustrated. Toilet seat risers are vital to these patients with physical impairments or those recovering from injuries. Poor postures may harm the patient and distract the healing process. To avoid the occurrence of accidents and vulnerabilities, choose commode seats to help maintain good postures. We deliver all our Toilet Seat Risers to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.


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Cloo Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser with Armrests by Etac 317.27 Cloo Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser with Armrests This elegantly designed toilet seat riser is made of polypropylene with powder coated steel interior for strength and durability. The aluminium attachment fits onto the hinge points of all standard toilets without needing tools and when not in use the seat can be left folded in the upright position. The smooth moulded surface is comfortable to sit on and easy to maintain clean and the seat is easily removed for thorough cleaning. The height can be adjusted while mounted to three different heights of 6 10 and 14 cm to suit the needs of different users. The seat can also be set with a slight forward tilt which can greatly aid users with hip or knee problems to get onto their feet again. The detachable arm rests provide extra support and can be fixed in the folded down position for added security or folded up and out of the way when not needed. The seat can be used without armrests or with only one rest if bathroom space is limited. Cloo Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser by Etac 235.45

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Etac Cloo Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser The Toilet Seat Raiser by Etac is another great user friendly designed aide for patients or home care use. Helping individuals use the toilet independently and with safety. Toilet Seat Raiser by Etac features include: three adjustable height settings no tool set-up easy clean 5 year warranty and a 150kg weight capacity. The Toilet Seat Raiser is suitable for: post surgery knee problems back ailments frail elderly and disabled individuals. Aids caregivers with manual handling requirements. An invaluable aide for caregivers and patients. Etac is an excellent leader in the field of healthcare aides. Their reputation for quality safety and durability exceeds expectation. For reliability comfort and user friendly adaptability the Toilet Seat Raiser ticks all the boxes. Recommended for clinical use and also within the home and gives caregivers physicians and clinicians peace of mind within the clinical setting. Safe reliable and with a 5 year warranty. Etac has given product satisfaction to its customers through genuine detail. Adjustable Toilet Arm Supports By Etac 399.09 Adjustable Toilet Arm Supports By Etac The Toilet Support Arm By Etac is an excellent superior product. The tool is used to aid patients clients and home based individuals safely when toileting. The Toilet Support Arm features include: 5 year warranty 150kg capacity directly mounts to toilet available as adjustable contoured hand grips easy to clean detachable arms ergonomically designed and suitable for both adults and children.

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The materials used for manufacture include: powder coated arm supports and frame melamine lid and seat and superior aluminium mountings. Quality is guaranteed with Etac’s 5 year warranty. A leader in safety quality versatility and fuctionality. Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests 217.27 BetterLiving Adjustable Toilet Seat Riser with Armrests Adjustable Toilet Seat Raiser helps take the challenge and discomfort out of bathroom trips by increasing safety and maximizing mobility. Safety handles make it easier for the mobility-impaired to sit down on and get up from the toilet. The arms flip up for wheelchair-to-toilet transfers. This is a simple adaptive device that is easy for seniors as well as their caregivers to install and use. The riser attaches to most standard toilets and the seat can be adjusted to increase height. Convenient armrests flip upwards to assist with chair-to-toilet transfer. The raiser’s smooth surface is easily cleaned with a favourite cleaning wipes — or wash it off in the shower. Take the challenge and is comfort out of bathroom trips by installing this raiser. Fits most of standard-sized toilets. Height can be adjusted to provide 80 mm 120 mm or 160 mm rise. Convenient installation fits over existing toilet seat hinges.

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