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Paraguay : 

Paraguay Population: 6,036,900



Sobre Paraguay/About Paraguay : 

Sobre Paraguay/About Paraguay Paraguay is entirely landlocked and is situated between 18° and 28°S. Its capital is Asuncion. It has a beautiful river flowing threw it, called the Parana river.


Gente/People Paraguay’s population is 6,191,368. Machismo is very strong, but women are still respected. Men will go out of their way to avoid offending a woman. When Paraguayans meet family members or old friends, they kiss twice on the cheek, otherwise they just shake hands. The Paraguayans are conservative and pursue tranquility. They are also laid back and appointments usually start late because it is okay to be late. Good posture is important to the Paraguayans.They also dress very conservative (suits and dresses).

Personas Significativas/Significant People : 

Personas Significativas/Significant People President- Luis Gonzalez Macchi Former President- Raul Cubas Grau Former Vice President-Luis Maria Argana Explored Paraguay- Sebastian Cabot Former Dictator- Alfredo Stroessner Leader of a revolt in Paraguay- José de Antequera y Castro Former Dictator and creator of Paraguay’s national Independence- José Gaspar Rodríguez Francia

Fechas Significativas/Significant Dates: 

Fechas Significativas/Significant Dates New Year's Day- 1 January San Blas- 3 February Heroes' Day- 1 March Maundy Thursday Labor Day- 1 May Independence Days- 14 andamp; 15 May Chaco Peace Day- 12 June Corpus Christi Foundation of Asunsion Day- 15 August Constitution Day- 25 August Battle of Boqueron- 29 September Dia de la Raza- 12 October All Saints Day- 1 November Virgin of the Miracles of Caacupe- 8 December Christmas Day- 25 December

Celebración/Celebrations : 

Celebración/Celebrations Día de San Blas- Celebrates the Patron Saint of Paraguay. It is celebrated on February 3. Paz del Chaco- Celebrates the end of the Chaco War. Is celebrated on June 12th. Fundación de Asunción-Celebrates the founding of Asuncion. It is celebrated on August 15.


Comida/Food A normal Paraguayan diet includes meat dishes and tropical foods. In almost all the meals, manioc better known as cassava and other grains such as maize are included. For a drink they consume tea or mate, and mosto (sugar-cane juice). Desserts include mbaipy he-é, a delicious mix of corn, milk and molasses. Sometimes, when they are waiting at a stop light, Chipas, made of manoic flour, are sold. Eggs and cheese are sold everywhere too. Tea or mate is consumed in vast quantities while mosto (sugar-cane juice) Desserts include mbaipy he-é, a delicious mix of corn, milk and molasses. Cassava, a very popular dish in Paraguay as shown above are very often turned into tostados!


Dinero/Money Average families in Paraguay don’t make much money. The country has poor economics due to political uncertainly, corruption, lack of progress on structural reform, substantial internal, and external debt.

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Created By: Dawn Neal Jillian Schmitz Scott Dobert Tim Schumacher

Bibliografía/Bibliography : 

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