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Marriage : 

Marriage I married the first man I ever kissed. When I tell this to my children they just about throw up. – Barbara Bush, First Lady, 1989 All marriages are happy. It's living together afterwards that is difficult. – Anonymous

Marriage Encounter: 

Marriage Encounter What an incredible weekend. We are in love again and having so much fun. It's like we're newly weds again. Thank you Marriage Encounter! – Red Oak, TX The best investment we could have ever made for our marriage. I even received flowers that next Monday. – Grand Prairie, TX

AG Marriage Encounter Is: 

AG Marriage Encounter Is A weekend away from home, family, and responsibilities. A relationship building weekend for married couples Full of practical ideas on how to communicate

AG Marriage Encounter Is: 

AG Marriage Encounter Is A unique, interruption-free atmosphere where you can concentrate exclusively on each another Open to all couples married at least one year Conducted from an Assemblies of God perspective but couples of all faiths, or no faith at all, are welcome to attend

AG Marriage Encounter Is Not: 

AG Marriage Encounter Is Not A marriage clinic A sensitivity group A problem-solving workshop Couples do not disclose their problems to the group for discussion or criticism.

AG Marriage Encounter Can: 

AG Marriage Encounter Can Help you to know and appreciate each other better Make good marriages better Make rough patches smoother Make a lifelong difference

Dr. Richard Dobbins: 

Dr. Richard Dobbins I can't say enough to support Marriage Encounter. It will make good marriages better, and it will help struggling marriages find their way to health. – Dr. Richard Dobbins, Director of Emerge Ministries

What The Weekend Has Done: 

What The Weekend Has Done I can hardly put into words what this weekend has done for our marriage. We found out things about one another that we had not discovered in our short 4 years of marriage. The ME communication tools were marriage savers!! – Dana, IN

At AGME You Will: 

At AGME You Will Learn how to listen Learn how to express your feelings Learn new ways to communicate Practice what you learn Meet many other couples just like you Learn how to deal with negative emotions Discover God’s plan for your marriage


At AGME We learned so much about how we can become best friends again without all of the judgment and criticism. Thank you, God, for giving my best friend back to me. – Columbus, GA We enjoyed our encounter so much! The gift you shared with us has enabled us to become more intimate. It was very surprising because it was so simple! – Coatesville, IN


At AGME My wife and I have just completed an Marriage Encounter in Connecticut. There are things that happened to our relationship that we just can't explain. … When we woke up on Monday morning we were in love, both of us felt like teenagers in their first love. – Lowell, MA


Structure Couples gather in one large meeting room Presenting couples share their own stories about the most common experiences in marriage You and your mate reflect on what you heard and how it relates to you, away from the group, in the privacy of your hotel room An Assemblies of God minister and spouse will be present at all meetings

The Schedule: 

The Schedule Check in begins Friday 6:30 p.m. Sessions begin Friday 8 p.m. Meals will be served in a large dining room There will be a time of prayer and praise on Sunday morning You will be dismissed around 4 p.m. on Sunday

The Presenters: 

The Presenters Trained lay couples An AG pastoral couple All have experienced the weekend themselves They are not trained marriage counselors They share their own experiences and deal with issues important to all marriages


Rewards It was the most rewarding, most revolutionary event in our entire married life! Not only are we closer together as a result, but we are also drawing closer to the Lord. Praise God for Marriage Encounter! It has literally transformed our relationship! – Seale, AL


Rewards We've only been married 2 years, but have had some intense struggles in the past year. Marriage Encounter has saved our marriage … teaching us the communication skills we need for a 'best friend' relationship with each other. We would recommend M.E. to any married couple. If you have a good marriage, it will make it better. If your marriage is having difficulty, as ours was, it could be the greatest gift you give each other!!!!! – Tacoma, WA


Rewards We thought we had a good marriage. At ME, God showed us that it should be and could be and must be much, much, much better. The Lord blessed our socks off. – Southwick, MA


Privacy The weekend is very private. Other than briefly introducing yourselves Friday evening, there is no public speaking required. You concentrate on your spouse to such an extent you are hardly aware of the other couples present.

The Cost: 

The Cost Non-refundable registration fee - $75 per couple Marriage Encounter pays for Your hotel room Friday and Saturday night Your meals on Saturday and Sunday At the end of the weekend anonymous donations are accepted to help other couples attend future Marriage Encounters

The Cost: 

The Cost No one is ever refused the opportunity to attend an Assemblies of God Marriage Encounter Weekend because of lack of funds. No Marriage Encounter souvenirs will be sold.

Investment : 

Investment ME was the best investment of a weekend that we have ever made for our marriage. We have been to other marriage retreats, and they were good, but this was something totally different, totally GOD, and totally anointed. In recent months we had faced some very big challenges in our marriage, and needed something, anything to help move us, and heal us. ME did just that. The weekend was beautiful, and I fell head over heels in love with my wife again. – Rockville, IN


Important Return your registration fee andamp; forms as soon as possible Bring comfortable clothes and any medicines you may need Check in is at 6:30 p.m. Friday andamp; presentations begin at 8 p.m. - be on time! Expect to work the whole weekend Your weekend ends about 4 p.m. Sunday

You Won’t Have Time For: 

You Won’t Have Time For Child care Business Homework Shopping Partying Marriage Encounter is a working weekend But you will have time for each other!

Spouse Doesn’t Want To Go?: 

Spouse Doesn’t Want To Go? Don’t nag, be creative! You can trade them a Marriage Encounter Weekend for A week of anything they want on TV A favorite dinner Anything meaningful they would appreciate Pray about it together

10 Reasons Not To Go To AGME: 

10 Reasons Not To Go To AGME 1. You had your heart set on weeding. 2. Friends might think you’re shameless lovebirds. 3. Big lacrosse match on ESPN. Can’t miss it. 4. Church would collapse without us. 5. The shed sure needs some new paint. 6. Compost pile needs serious attention.

10 Reasons Not To Go To AGME: 

10 Reasons Not To Go To AGME 7. Those great breakfast deals at McDonald’s. 8. Mastercard will go into shock if I take a weekend off. 9. If we go to Marriage Encounter people might think we’ve been fighting. 10. Couldn’t miss the Yogi Bear film festival on Cartoon Network.

10 Reasons To Attend An AGME: 

10 Reasons To Attend An AGME 1. No yard work involved. 2. Gilligan’s Island film fest on Nickelodeon. 3. Cheaper than a weekend at Disney World. 4. No cleaning required. 5. You want to score big points with your spouse.

10 Reasons To Attend An AGME: 

10 Reasons To Attend An AGME 6. You need a 48 hour vacation from the kids. 7. Next best thing to a second honeymoon. 8. Endorsed by 31,000 other Assemblies of God couples. 9. No cooking. 10. Registration $75, time together – priceless.


Impressed From other good couples' retreats or enrichments, you leave impressed with the speakers. From Marriage Encounter, you leave impressed with your partner. – Dave andamp; Millie Gable, Asst. Superintendent, So. California Every marriage deserves a Marriage Encounter weekend. – The Woodlands, TX

Local Dates and Location: 

Local Dates and Location Your Weekend Date Here Your Location Here For More Information Contact: (Put your name, your phone number, and email address here)

For More Information: 

For More Information Contact your church office Call the National Coordinators at 1-800-366-2104 Email: [email protected]