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It’s All About Burgers“A Sizzling GWRRA Leadership Culinary Journey”: 

It’s All About Burgers 'A Sizzling GWRRA Leadership Culinary Journey' by Bruce and Julia Malson International Directors, Motorist Awareness Division Northeast Region Master Trainer International Couple of the Year 2002-2003 'Lots of Miles, Hugs and Smiles'

In The Beginning : 

In The Beginning 'Every organization began as a dream, and GWRRA was no different.' 'Can you cook? Yeah, you can cook. I’ll bet you flip a mean burger. Because that’s what it’s all about you know. It’s all about burgers!'

GWRRA’s Primary Goals: 

GWRRA’s Primary Goals To be an Association of Gold Wing motorcycle owners and operators. To provide a Social Organization for pleasure, recreation, safety and information exchange. To provide an environment for camaraderie, and friendship for Members.

GWRRA’s Secondary Goals: 

GWRRA’s Secondary Goals To improve public perception of motorcyclists through support of civic, police and charity groups. To support the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and provide a safer environment for all motorcyclists. To be an organization directed by the membership, serving their desires and wishes by utilization of an Association concept. To be a family oriented association for Members.


GWRRA IDEALS The MEMBER is most important. Serve them properly and 'our' purpose and goals will be met. Serve them 'Well' or others 'Will!' Meetings/Gatherings are for 'FUN!'

“Where Are We Now?”: 

'Where Are We Now?' Growth – GWRRA has exceeded 82,000 Members Benefits are numerous and growing. (Allan says there are over 40 benefits) Divisions: Operations Division - Administrative element Rider Education Division – Safety Member Enhancement Division – PR Leadership Training Division – Officers Motorist Awareness Division Wing Ding

“Where Are We Going?”: 

'Where Are We Going?' 'I don’t know!' (Paul Hildebrand, 1993, Phoenix, Arizona) Provide more and improved benefits. Improve the public image of motorcycling. Become an educated, cohesive officer network. Continued emphasis on Family! Upgrade Leadership Training Programs. Improve Membership skills and interaction. Hold rigidly to the concept that … 'The Member Is What and Why We Are!'

So, What’s Cooking?: 

So, What’s Cooking? An International organization has emerged from a dream. Members dictate GWRRA’s future. Officers, trained and prepared, lead the way! Will we continue to be successful? No Doubt about it! Why? Structurally sound Committed to constructive change Conceptually innovative in the Association format Managed by officers who put Members first 'GWRRA is worthy of any motorcyclist’s support!'

We Are A Service Association“We Flip Burgers!!!”: 

We Are A Service Association 'We Flip Burgers!!!' Chapter Directors serve on the Operational Staff of the DD. CDs meet with the DD to receive information and instructions. CDs provide and receive input to meet their needs and the needs of Chapter participants. CDs seek solutions to common problems, set 'policy' at District level and plan programs for the continued development and activity of GWRRA in the district DDs serve on the Operational Staff of the Regional Director. All Officers work together at their respective levels of operation in order to provide GWRRA Members the full benefits of being a Member of the Association.

GWRRA Organization: 

GWRRA Organization Legend Responsibility Communication Curriculum Operations Staff Leadership Training Operations Rider Education Public Relations SR SR SR MAD

Service Is Provided ByThe Officer Network: 

Service Is Provided By The Officer Network There are five primary areas of responsibility in GWRRA. Operations, Leadership Training, Rider Education, Member Enhancement, and Motorist Awareness Direct line of communications and interface from Executive Director/President/COO to member via Regional, District and Chapter Directors. Officers and appointees serve as staff members, operational or support, to their appointing officer. Only those required to make application and receive appointments and approval are recognized as 'Officers' within a given region.

GWRRA District Organization: 

GWRRA District Organization Legend Responsibility Curriculum Operations Support


GWRRA is based upon principles Leaders influence thoughts, opinions and actions of others. Leadership is based upon past experience. GWRRA Officer Qualities: Enthusiastic Cooperative Patient Innovative Trustworthy Appreciative Honest andamp; Sincere Generous Not Selfish or Possessive Good leader and good follower qualities are the same. What it boils down to is focusing on our motto 'Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge.' Focus on being both a good leader and a good follower.

Leadership In GWRRA: 

The role of the GWRRA Officer? To develop skills necessary to POSITIVELY influence Members. Officers create 'Turning Points' Any Positive or Negative influence on performance or satisfaction. Think of a time when you had an interaction with someone that had an influence on your performance. If a 'Turning Point' is positive, what is the probable impact of the next interaction with that person? If the 'Turning Point' is negative what is the probable impact of the next interaction with that person? Leadership In GWRRA

Leadership In GWRRA(Continued): 

Leadership In GWRRA (Continued) Each GWRRA Officer must think about the time you spend with Members. Quality not quantity. Make it count! Produce more positive ‘Turning Points' by developing leadership skills and becoming a more efficient leader. Changed leadership role of the GWRRA Officer We are a volunteer organization. Everyone working with you is a volunteer and can walk away anytime. It’s my way or the highway! Inappropriate in GWRRA For most of our volunteer workers, satisfaction in working for GWRRA is just as important as what they are doing.

Leadership Skills: 

You are NOT born with them, you learn them! Effective leaders use three kinds of skills. Set Learning Goals: One of the best ways to improve yourself is to acquire and develop new skills People usually recognize a difference in the way they view learning after setting realistic goals. Leadership Styles – Directing;Coaching; Supporting; Delegating There is no one best leadership style! Be flexible! Determining Leadership style Leadership Skills

Leaders Set Goals!: 

Leaders Set Goals! Goals are effective tools - if used! Keep goals realistic, direct and simple. Goals order tasks to be accomplished. Don’t be a 'Bobble-Head' organization!

Leaders Build Teams: 

Leaders Build Teams Proven successful in all organizations Valuable life skill Better Communications More involvement andamp; participation More Fun–What GWRRA is about! Promote others – Everyone needs to feel important Get more done - Solve more problems Enhances Personal andamp; Professional skills Benefits Members. Team concept is Win/Win! 'Group guided by common purpose, organized to work together.'

Team Stuff for Thunking: 

Team Stuff for Thunking Keys to a successful Team: Open andamp; honest communications Evaluate and gather feedback Motivate and give recognition (mutual trust andamp; respect, risks) Enhance your skills ('Be all you can be') Recognize opportunities to improve. Correct quickly Share the GOOD. Learn from the bad ('__it happens') Create Team spirit – 'CATCH THE SPIRIT!'



Coaching – NOT Directing!: 

A major reason Leaders fail is their 'Belief' about Members Leaders get things done through others Leaders need others Leadership success is predicated, in part, on Members Leadership is reflective Leaders help others help them. Win/Win! Coaching – NOT Directing!

Coaching Qualities“Makes others feel good about themselves, their capabilities and capacity to learn”: 

Coaching Qualities 'Makes others feel good about themselves, their capabilities and capacity to learn' Presents information in comfortable atmosphere while making it challenging Catches Members doing well! OMM Knows GWRRA. Is prepared Possesses communication skills Is creative. Fair andamp; Open. Sense of humor Knows, understands, cares for people Believes in others and in their abilities Recognizes achievement!

Coaching’s Deadly Sins: 

Coaching’s Deadly Sins Appearing to be or being unprepared Starting late. Being off schedule Improperly responding to questions Apologizing for self or organization Not involving participants Not establishing a positive image Not scheduling or honoring breaks Inappropriate humor/language/grammar/pronunciation Coming on as a know-it-all

Adult Learning: 

Adult Learning More to coaching than talking 'AT' Members! Listening is not necessarily learning Learning is directly proportional to fun! People learn by interaction Learning is by repetition. 'Introduction, Body, Conclusion' Time demands negate time wasters. 'Reservoirs' of 'real world' learning experiences Keep them comfy!

“Attitude Is Everything!”: 

A Leader is Best When people barely know he Exists, …When his Work is done, his Aim fulfilled, They will say: 'Attitude Is Everything!'

To Effectively Serve Members : 

To Effectively Serve Members Know the technical, interpersonal and conceptual Realize – 'Attitude IS EVERYTHING!' Be a positive turning point for every Member Set realistic/measurable goals. Build teams. Remember T-E-A-M Be a coach. Avoid the deadly sins!!!! Understand adult learning nuances.


In GWRRA: Is NOT About YOU! ... 'IT’s ALL ABOUT BURGERS…' So Get To Flipping!!!

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