Susan Blouin, Social Media Pres Impact Sales and Business Aug 5 2011

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Susan Blouin presents on Social Media in the business, and the impact on sales and the business -- the changing dynamics of the work culture and the integration of various social medias in the business.


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August 5, 2011 Susan Blouin Social Media Impact on Sales & the Business CONFIDENTIAL: DO NOT DUPLICATE – FO DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY


Highlights Social Media sales & business impact Key findings of social media CEOs and Managers – Key Decisions Changing dynamics of the work culture An Organization’s integration of social media – Key Business Drivers Focus on Sales Open-dialogue -- “Getting the organization ready for social change & transformation”

Key Findings:

Key Findings Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – the emergence of professional networks Mobility Emergence a frequent professional networking access point Traditional decision-making processes are being disrupted by social media Changes are taking place in organizations’ internal and external use of social media Connecting and collaborating are key drivers for professionals'’ use of social media “Professionals with more networks are more likely to gather opinions through their online network, read blogs and query the twitter channel as early steps in the decision process”.1 1. Society for new Communications, Social media 2010, Research 4 .

Business Fundamentals Changing Shape:

Business Fundamentals Changing Shape Social Media Peer Groups (SMPG) influencing the shape in new business and our economic environments Shift on traditional marketing practices Communications / Public Relations Selling Beliefs PAST -- Traditionally have guided how companies interact, support and collaborate with their customers PRESENT -- Overall shift of core business fundamentals – Business strategy, HR, Operations and Sales / Marketing STATS : 79% of businesses use twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate with customers, Twitter most used platform, 54% - Facebook Fan Page Statistics PR Firm Berson-Marsteller Study.

The Changing Dynamics of the Work Culture:

The Changing Dynamics of the Work Culture New era of business-to-person (B2P) customer relationship systems Driving need for organizations to harness Web 2.0 technologies and SMPG platforms to enable B2P communications to increase sales Professional networks, email, and SMS the tools that enable multi-channel access for individuals (employees, customers, partners, and suppliers). A Global, virtual and collaborative work environment Social Media Peer Groups (SMPG) changing the way we do business as professionals (customers, partners, prospects, and employees). Social Media used as a platform for discussion of ideas, experiences, and knowledge-exchange.

Impact on Business Decisions by CEOs and Managers:

Impact on Business Decisions by CEOs and Managers Common Questions --- “ Will social media change the business and practice of enterprise-level operations?” “Does social media offer effective tools to access information and engage in professional collaboration?” Social Media platforms increasingly playing a role in decision–makers changing the dynamics of customer relationship management, marketing and communication

Impact – CEOs / Managers:

Impact – CEOs / Managers Product development leaders / managers working with clients to share roadmaps and plan collaborations Early input from decision makers insight, plans and objectives Elevate communication and discussions process of product and content co-creation Greater opportunities to educate and inform customers

Impact on Sales:

Impact on Sales Social Media – aka / “a new form of customer-centric relationship building” Building a network to deepen customer intimacy A sales platform for driving sales results on prospects and leads C-level Executives – information sharing could result in strategic growth opportunities Greater sales opportunities exist to engage with customers in social networks Sales / Marketing - Dedicated pages for SM promotions

Use of Social Media Supporting the Bottom Line:

Use of Social Media Supporting the Bottom Line Social Media ROI Number of Posts = increase of site traffic = lifts in sales Use of visual analysis to spot overall trends Continuous ongoing management of SM sites Sarah Worsham, Sazbean Consulting CEO & Web Strategist July 27,2011.

Organization & Social Media:

Organization & Social Media Social media requires the shift of sales, marketing and development philosophy

Social Media, Sales and Company Growth Plans:

Social Media, Sales and Company Growth Plans A look at 2012 Initiatives 6 themes - key opportunities Increase sales focus and growth Develop an attractive growth plan to foster sales effectiveness Increase overall market-share of Company sales Member Fees, Training/Development, Conferences Using social media to increase sales, training and conference sales 22% 72% 2011 2012 2014 2013

Open-dialogue “Getting the organization ready for social change” :

Open-dialogue “Getting the organization ready for social change”