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Creating A Professional Dental Hygiene Resume:

Creating A Professional Dental Hygiene Resume You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Plan Ahead:

Plan Ahead Time for revisions Time for corrections Time for someone to proof-read

Format is Critical:

Format is Critical Be brief, concise, factual, specific. Select every word carefully. Make important facts and categories stand out. State specific duties of the job you are applying for Not your life history.

Number of Pages:

Number of Pages 1 page is ideal. Unless it looks cluttered and difficult to read. Especially for new grads, emphasize educational achievements If 2 nd page is needed: Use ½ page or more. “Page 2” + name at top. OK to staple 2 pages together.


Balance Resumes should look balanced. Remember people read left to right, so place all important information in first 2 quadrants. Use common fonts, you may underline , italics, and bold as needed for important information to stand out. But don’t overuse. Choose carefully what to highlight.

1. Personal Information::

1. Personal Information: Often times this personal information is at the top of the page where the reader can easily spot it. Name Address or addresses including e-mail Phone number or phone numbers Do not use school phone numbers. Do not use a business phone number.

2. Career Objective or Professional Objective::

2. Career Objective or Professional Objective: State a concise specific, user-centered objective. Make this the number 1 reason for seeking employment. Be specific. To obtain a full-time position as a dental hygienist in a preventive-oriented dental practice.

Career Objectives (cont.):

Career Objectives (cont.) Do not limit yourself by stating personal goals, such as working part time, ect. Tailor this statement to fit the needs of the organization. This info could be included in your cover letter in a more detailed and creative way.

3. Educational Background:

3. Educational Background New grads = Education goes 1 st . List in REVERSE Chronological order . Newest degree first Once you are 5 years out of college, work experience goes first!

Education (cont.):

Education (cont.) Indiana University Fort Wayne -OR- Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN IPFW if applying locally Add degree & date degree was awarded. (Not dates attended.) When no degree was awarded, add dates attended.

Education (cont.):

Education (cont.) Example: Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene Graduated: May 2003 -OR- Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Dental Hygiene Prerequisites 1999-2001

Education – Optional Statements:

Education – Optional Statements Include the highest degree you have earned, B.S. M.S. ect , List any minors Optional to list GPA 3.38/4.0 Include only if 3.0 or higher .

4. Work Experience:

4. Work Experience REVERSE Chronological Order . Present job first. Lots of jobs: Don’t list every job, just relevant ones. Goals of this category: Show maturity & responsibility. Show you work well with others.

Experience (cont.):

Experience (cont.) Name and address of employer No phone number. Job title Cashier, Dental Assistant, Manager Dates of employment 1996–1999 or Summers of 1996-1999

Experience (cont.):

Experience (cont.) Brief job descriptions/ Responsibilities Use action verbs (see list) Keep entries parallel (“..ed” or “..ing”) Current job = present tense Balance, answer, open, assist, monitor Past jobs = past tense Balanced, answered, opened, assisted

5. Honors, Awards, Achievements:

5. Honors, Awards, Achievements Optional category Awards (high school???????) Elected, appointed, selected positions Class officers, sorority officers, PTA Dean’s list List years ONLY, not semesters . College honors

6. Professional Activities or Volunteer Activities:

6. Professional Activities or Volunteer Activities Demonstrates interest in dental profession and the community. Demonstrates going above & beyond Professionalism & volunteerism are encouraged and expected to continue after graduation.

Activities (cont.):

Activities (cont.) Memberships: Write out exact names Offices held (category 5 or 6) Keep entries parallel See examples Look up correct names and spelling of organizations, events, and agencies.

7. Continuing Education:

7. Continuing Education Optional category – if room Definitely start after graduation Keep a CE file List by year

Additional Skills or Certifications:

Additional Skills or Certifications Include any computer, software or electronic skills you may have, specific to the organization you are interviewing with. Ex. Dentrix, SoftDent, (perio program) Ex. Intraoral camera, Diagnodent, ViziLite, Lasers, Ditigal X-ray (type) CPR, defibulation, or any other life saving certifications, anesthesia, or N2O2 certs as well

Additional skills (cont..):

Additional skills (cont..) Include any attributes that will set you above the rest: Fluent in: Spanish, German, American Sign Language ect..

New Optional Category:

New Optional Category Qualifications Highlights of Qualifications Attributes Use ONLY if you need to fill space. Place after “Career Objective” or use instead of “Career Objective”.


Examples Use either Attributes or Qualifications: Professional, confident, outgoing, self-motivated, ambitious, disciplined, flexible, efficient, goal-oriented, detail-oriented, dependable, creative, responsible, punctual, etc. Keep entries parallel

8. References:

8. References Include a References page with resume Always have one or more available at the interview See sample . Get approval before listing someone.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Miscellaneous Notes Take 2 extra copies of cover letter, resume, and references with you to an interview . Never list salary range or salary demands . Never list reason for leaving a previous job.

Rules (cont.):

Rules (cont.) Be sure to review handouts and notes before you submit your resume and references page for grading. You will find your own errors that way. Questions?