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Digital Story : 

Digital Story Mike Boyle, Najat Facoiti, Jenna D’Arcy, Allyson Schill, Amanda Rook, Christine Michalski, Rochelle Logan

Meet our Patient : 

Meet our Patient

Current Living Situation : 

Current Living Situation

Medical Diagnosis : 

Medical Diagnosis Dehydration Malnutrition Sacral Ulcer

Limitations : 


Medications : 

Medications Vitamin C Feosol Nephrocaps Ecotrin Megace Cymbalta Protonix Norvasc

Medications Cont. : 

Medications Cont. Namenda Seroquel Zocar Cordarone Tearisol Colace Duragesic transdermal patch Heparin Dextrose

Nursing Issues : 

Nursing Issues Incontinence Immobility Dementia Eating problems Skin issues

Nursing Diagnosis : 

Nursing Diagnosis Adult Failure to Thrive related to apathy and depression as manifested by patient stating: “I just want to die and be with my husband again.”

Best Practices : 

Best Practices The best nursing practices concerning this patient include:

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