The Difference Between Leasing And Renting Office Equipment

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The Difference Between Leasing And Renting Office Equipment Maxhealthlaw LARRY “MAX” MAXWELL LAW PRACTICE

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Lease is taken when a business doesnt have ample fixed capital and at the same time wants to use the asset but doesnt want to pay for it. Rent on the other hand is taking a property for a monthly fee. Leasing contracts have two parties – lessor and lessee.

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Leasing Office Equipment One of the primary benefits of leasing is being able to acquire equipment without significantly affecting your cash flow. This is particularly important for a new business with limited financial resources. Although leasing may mean you are spending more money over the long haul the initial layout is much less than the cost of a major purchase. This will free up cash for your day-to-day operations or to meet other needs. In addition it is typically easier to pay a lease than it is to obtain a loan for equipment purposes.

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Renting Office Equipment Some larger established companies prefer office equipment rental because they regularly switch or consolidate devices between departments. If they need different equipment they can end their rental agreement and commit to a new one for a different device. There’s no buyout or baggage involved.

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