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Maui Dive Sites For all the complexities and possibilities of our modern technological lives the vastness does not compare to that of our ocean. Our ocean’s diversity is immense and its possibilities expansive. Still in 2017 humanity has explored less than 5 of our underwater world yet we walk the ground with capabilities to penetrate deep space. Though there are some of us who take our eyes away from the heavens and to the ocean. Those who dive to the depths of the ocean experience something incomparable to normal human life… are you one of us If not yet maybe soon Divers all around the world find themselves drawn to the wonder of the ocean part of the planet some will never see. The curiosity of the unseen pushes these people of the ocean to find out… What could be down there Zooming out to a greater scale we notice the many islands that make Maui County. Dating back many millennia the five islands were conjoined as landmass referred to as Maui Nui. The effects of erosion sculpted the islands we are familiar with today.

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In between them the islands is an array of shallow channels carved by the persistent currents running through the Hawaiian Islands. Maui’s south shore forms the northern edge of these channels the southern edge bordered by Molokai Lanai and Kahoolawe their lands acting as shields to strong ocean swells generated lower in the pacific. The effect of this causes many of Maui’s shores to sit still providing breeding grounds for a large community of marine life whales octopus anglerfish reef sharks conger eels manta rays and hundreds of other species can be found on Maui’s coastal waters. For more info Log on to Contact Us: 319 Kuualoha St Maui Kahului HI 96732 USA Mail id: Phone No: 808250-5494