Different But Common Car accident Injuries

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Different But Common Car Accident Injuries www.dmlawyer.com | 732 801-4577

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Back Injuries One of the most common injuries in car accidents especially those involving rear end collisions are back injuries. The force of another car is transferred from the vehicle through the body and back. In some instances the isolation of the impact can hit so that that it causes a spinal injury.

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Leg Injuries Leg injuries are also common in car accident. Despite the common belief that legs are safe in a car they are usually one of the first body parts to sustain injuries in an accident. If the impact is hard enough to bend the front end of the car the legs can even be severely crushed leading to serious injuries and paralysis.

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Emotional Injuries Not all car accident related injuries are physical. In some cases the most traumatic injuries are those that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These emotional and mental pain and sufferings may leave no physical scars but will have an extremely traumatic impact that may never heal. Some emotional or mental injuries are even neglected because they are difficult to evaluate.

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