How To Improve Math Learning Skills With Prodigy

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How To Improve Math Learning Skills With Prodigy Game-based learning has become a huge part of modern-day teaching. Especially when it comes to subjects like mathematics online math games are beneficial for students not only for recreational purposes but also to improve their cognitive learning abilities. Prodigy is built keeping in mind the logical and reasoning skills of a child from ages 5 to 14. Because this developing phase has the utmost impact on a child’s learning abilities Prodigy creates over 75000 innovative and engaging math puzzles for every grade to improve students’ cognitive learning skills. Introducing Prodigy in school helps teachers and students to work together and solve crucial math problems with ease. Here are 4 ways how Prodigy works to benefit your students and improve their learning ability. 1. Introducing Over 1400 Crucial Math Skills Unlike other online math games that cater to only one or two age group of children Prodigy assists a wide range of students from grades 1-8 and has 1400+ math topics to choose from. It covers all the major topics throughinteractive and fun math games puzzles and battles. With over 75000 math questions to solve Prodigy ensures that your students learn something new every single day.

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2. Creating Curriculum Aligned Content It is important that your students not only enjoy the game but also learn something that will help them succeed in class. When the learning graph is well defined and linear students understand better and are able to logically solve problems. That is why Prodigy aligns with the school curriculum and assist students in practicing math problems that are relevant to their syllabus. Prodigy has around 50 international and nationals curricula including Indian boards ICSE and CBSE. This ensures that the students follow the same course material in class and through the game.

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3. Targeting Problem Areas through Differentiation Apart from embedded assignments for students that progress according to their proficiency level teachers can personalize tests homework and class assignments for each topic and override Prodigy’s automatic assessments. Teachers can also customize assignments for specific students where they might need additional support and practice. This differentiation in content delivery helps every child succeed at their own pace without having to compete with the entire class.

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4. Tracking Real-Time Progress Prodigy is a math game that not only provides students with comprehensive math content but also lets teachers track their daily progress in real time. As a teacher you can easily identify the problem areas for individuals track their progress with weekly reports and view individual student reports on your dashboard. Prodigy provides an extensive diagnostic analysis on every student’s progress for better outcome and understanding. Prodigy helps teachers explore a whole new world of online math learning platform that benefits the students. Through innovative game content puzzles and battles Prodigy prompt students to engage with crucial math problems on a daily basis. This strategic system to learn through a math game platform has been proven to improve students’ cognitive learning. The best part of Prodigy is that it is available in schools for Free. Students can therefore access and enjoy the game online and simultaneously improve their math learning abilities. By introducing Prodigy in schools we have helped over 1.5 million teachers 50 million students and 3 million parents throughout the world. If you’re looking to introduce Prodigy in your school too sign up for a free demo or refer your school leader today at

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