How to Help Child in Learning Math At Home

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How to Help Your Child in Learning Math At Home Many children will try to hide themselves when they hear about mathematics. More and more research shows that parents support towards math is an important factor that will show the impact on the kids. Your feelings about math can greatly influence your child’s perception of math. Help your child enjoy math by talking about it in a positive manner. Think out loud when you are using math skills so your child will hear your thinking process. "I have no idea how to help my child with math at home" - Dont worry here I am to help you. With the curriculum changing every year It is difficult to help your child in math. Check out the following tips to teach maths for your kids at home. 1. Make sure your kids understand the concept and help him in memorizing the rules and formulas 2. Your child must about the multiplication facts. Have your child bounce a basketball as he says the multiples of different numbers. 3. Play math games with your child that reinforce your kid math and make them in the master of math. 4. Speak to your child regularly - What are you doing in maths this week How did you do in that homework / weekly test 5. Approach word problems together. Suggest that she read aloud repeat and draw a picture of each problem 6. Make sure your kids are working on math home works regularly and properly. 7. Ask your kid to study textbooks and try to practice the same math problems twice or thrice because we know that practice man perfect

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8. Teach math for your kids with real-time scenarios. For example - you have 10 candies in your pocket and you gave 4 candies to your friend then how many candies remain in your pocket You can help your kids this way to become a master in math and real-time scenarios will help your kids to understand the concept easily.

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