A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Engaged with Fun Activities durin

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A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Engaged with Fun Activities during Lockdown As the lockdown extends most parents continue juggling between managing their work-from-home schedule and giving time to their children. Staying locked indoors for a long time can be challenging and a counterproductive experience for parents as well as kids. Children especially at this time tend to get very restless and anxious as schools have closed all over the country and they are forced to stay at home. Hence it is the parents’ responsibility to keep children engaged and productive under lockdown with activities that are fun and also provide a learning experience. Here are some activities to keep your child engaged during lockdown: 1. Scavenger hunt Make the weekends entertaining for you and your child by conducting scavenger hunts indoors. You can plant small treasures and leave clues for your kids so that they can have fun running around the house and discover clues and unearth treasures together.

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You can even drop clues and make puzzles to solve the treasure hunt which will not only make the game more interesting but also sharpen their problem solving skills. 2. Learning a new language It’s always beneficial to learn a new language and children usually pick up new vocabulary easily when they are young. So a great way to spend time during quarantine is by teaching your child a different language. There are many courses available online that teach different languages like Spanish French Korean etc and many platforms also provide these courses for free. This is not only a great way to spend time together but also a helpful activity that will benefit them later on in life.

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3. Cooking classes With a lot of spare time on their hands it is the perfect opportunity to bring out that little chef hats and have fun in the kitchen. Have them help around the kitchen while you bake a cake or teach them simple dishes that they can make for themselves. The trick is to be patient and keep them engaged and who knows maybe your child will turn out to be a MasterChef

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4. Arts and crafts Bring out those craft books and paint brushes and let your child discover their true passion. Engaging them in arts and crafts is the most productive and fun way to spend quarantine time together. By involving your kids in art and craft you’ll not only be helping them pass the time easily but also bring out their creativity in unique ways. From egg decoration origami pebble painting to science experiments there are many things that can engage your child for hours and keep them busy.

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5. Cleaning and organizing Being organised and clean is an important part of anyone’s life and therefore as parents you can take this time to explain the value of cleanliness and organization so that your children make it a habit from a young age. Especially during this point of time when all the kids are at home it is bound to get a little messy so take 10-15 minutes out of their schedule and spend time cleaning and organizing toys clothes and room together. Needless to say it is a challenging time for every parent and child . Therefore it is all the more important to create a happy and safe environment for your child at home. Lockdown does not necessarily have to mean boredom for everyone. Make sure you take some time out of your hectic schedule to engage in fun activities with your child. This will also give you the opportunity to spend time while doing something productive together. Hopefully the above activities will give you some ideas on how to make your kid’s time more enjoyable and productive. If you’re new to Prodigy you can sign up for the free parent account here- https://bit.ly/2xK7SAs As always we hope you and your family are safe happy and healthy.

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